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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ruffles Galore!

I came across a ruffle shirt tutorial and thought, "Why not *shrugging the shoulder*, I need a new project?". Later I forget that carefree attitude when I am surrounded by a fabric/thread tornado and ask who's freakin' idea was this??? Anyways, I have a THING for ruffles (Like who doesn't?......seriously....not just a little crush?...LIAR!!!) Anyways again, having two little girls basically gives me the unalienable right to be able to dress them up! Since I made Lexie's first , you could definitely say that by the time I got to Gracie's I had figured out what I was doing ;) sorry Lexie. This will probably be the last ruffle project till Christmas because a ruffler foot is definitely on my Santa wish list! Hear that Santa? You won't be able to find one in Alamogordo but Amazon will gladly ship them ;)

There were a few snags along the way and a trip back to the fabric store (most annoying thing ever!) but we still came out on top because we have two ruffle shirts to show for it. I don't claim to be great at sewing and I am pretty sure an actual seamstress would probably faint/curse at my work but I tried and I think they came out great!

Here are my girls showing off their mommy's latest project. One is being motivated by food and the other is in desperate need of a nap! I dare you to guess!

Ruffle Shirt Tutorial....Shoot me an email if you are thinking about making one because there are few extra things that I have found helpful that were not in the tutorial. :)


Autumn said...

Your post is cracking me up:) I thought you did make the shirt(s) for yourself! They are too cute on the kids! The pic of Lexie crying is too cute! Good job mama!

Maggie said...

Awesome! Maybe someday my hands will be free long enough to drag out the sewing machine...