Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Monday, May 29, 2006

Grand Canyon and Graduation

I know that it has been awhile since I have put any new info or pics. We are sorry, but we have really good excuses. We first flew to Arizona to visit Grandpa and Grandma Haut. The flights weren’t that bad, it just wore all of us out. Ethan did better than expected and sleep most of the way. However, Arizona is two hours behind our time zone so since Ethan normally wakes up at 7:30 here. He was waking up at 5:30 there, other than that no major complaints. We had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. It was the first time they had seen Ethan since he was born. He was spoiled rotten! While we were on vacation we visited the Grand Canyon (or what I refer to as the “big hole in the ground”). It was interesting to see and we took tons of pictures. We also got a chance to ride on the Colorado River. The scenery was phenomenal and it was a great vacation.

After our little vacation we headed to Alamo during Memorial weekend. Eric’s sister Danielle, cousin Gina and my cousin Janesse graduated from High School. Therefore, we celebrated their achievements and got a chance to visit family as well as friends. Especially the Bolins, it was great to see them and their two children.

I had mentioned that we put our house up for sale. While we were in Arizona it sold. We are happy that the stress of an unsold house is not on our minds. Now we are just waiting for August to move.

Monday, May 15, 2006

1st Mother's Day

First, I would like to say a Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers! Especially since becoming a mother, I know that each mom deserves one day that is dedicated to her. There should be more days that celebrate all the hard work.

My first Mother's Day was very fun and relaxing. Eric did a great job in making sure that it turned out to be a special day. We just relaxed during the day, played with Ethan and then went to Johnny Carinos for dinner and dessert. We also went and toke Ethan's pictures so we will be handing them out when they get delivered.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ethan's Videos

Yesterday after Ethan's doctor appointment we were playing with the video camera. It was a good thing, since Ethan rolled over for the first time. We also have a video of him laughing. Tell us what you think.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

4 month check-up and Bingo

Yesterday Ethan turned 4 months old. It has flown by! He has turned from a snuggling calm baby to a constantly moving and active infant. Today Ethan had his 4-month check up appointment. The doctor said he was looking real healthy (ok I know my kid is a little chubby, that’s how I like my babies!) and had great pinching cheeks. His weight is 15lbs and 6oz, height is 24 in and his head size is 16 1/2 in. He did get 3 shots today. He handled it much better than the last time. He only screamed as she was giving them but as soon as he was picked up he calmed down to just a bottom lip whimper. As soon as we got home he passed out, as you can see in the picture. My poor baby :(

In other news, I am hosting a function for the OSC called Crystal Basket Bingo tonight and it will be the final event of the board year. I am excited and hopefully I will win something this year. It will be the last event for me at Goodfellow since we will be leaving around July. I have been on the board for two years and even with all the hard work. I have enjoyed all the people that I have met and will remember the friendships that I have made. Ladies, it has been my pleasure!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Busy Month

The month of May is going to be one of Ethan's busiest months. Ethan will be going on an airplane for the very first time. We are heading to Arizona to visit family, Wish us luck! I hope he stays clam and enjoys the ride. Ethan will also be visiting family in Alamo and attending his aunts High School graduation. Congrats Danielle!! On top of all of that we have put our house on the market and hope to be selling it soon. Hopefully Ethan will be able to keep up with our hectic month and not get too much out of his routine.

Ethan turns 4 months in couple of days and will be receiving another couple rounds of shots. He has plumped up nice and may continue to since we are about to start solids. He is still trying to roll over but he is a scooter. He will just move his butt and legs whichever direction he wants to go. He ends up moving out of his play area. He is slobbering and trying to put everything in his mouth. He babbles a lot and now realizes that he has different pitches. He will start cooing real loud, stops and lowers his voice. It is hilarious. Eric gets a kick out of it. Ethan is still giggling and it is just the cutest giggle ever. I know I get a kick out of it and try real hard to get him to giggle. Ethan has discovered that he has feet. The other day he was trying to hold on to them while kicking. It was a struggle! He has tried to bring them closer to his mouth but I think his nice round belly is preventing that. I have enclosed some new pictures as well as one old one so that you can see how much he has grown. He is not a newborn anymore!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Ethan Update

Lately Ethan has been trying real hard to rollover. As you can see in one picture he is almost there but just can't get his arm out from under him. We think he is also teething because he has his hands constantly in his mouth and has been drooling everywhere. He shirt gets real soaked. The other day I put my knuckle in his mouth to see if it helped and once I toke it out he had a huge fit. He won’t take any of his teething rings. He only wants flesh.

He is still doing great on sleeping! Lately around 8:30 he just gets this look in his eyes like "Bed please". We will put him in his crib and he won't fight it like he does with his naps. He smiles, turns his little cute head to one side and less than a second he is sleeping. In the picture where he is sleeping, I walked in to find him lying like that. We did not pose him. However, the last pic we kind of put him that way. He looks like a baby model.