Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Pictures

Easter Egg Hunt

Gracie's 3 and under group

Lexie chilling!

which turns into "why does this woman drag us everywhere!"

Ethan's 4 and up group

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brotherly LOVE

Yesterday when I picked up Ethan from school he was really anxious about getting something out of his backpack. He runs straight up to Gracie and says "Gracie, I have a surprise for you. Were you a good girl today? Well, then you get to have this." He pulls out this picture from his backpack and hands it to Gracie. Gracie immediately starts oohing and aahing over it. "Thank you Ethan!!! It is soooo pretty". He then explains to us that it is a picture of Rapunzel from the new movie Tangled which also happens to be a HUGE favorite of Gracie's. Once she heard that, I thought she was going to bust with excitement. She just couldn't stop gushing over it and has kept it close by. Ever since she saw the movie she has been going non-stop about Rapunzel and has even made it a point to tell Eric and I that she will be her for Halloween. Anyways, I thought it was really cute how Ethan thought of his sister while at school. He is such a sweetie! I asked him why he choose blue for her hair and he replied with "I like blue so since I was drawing it, I wanted blue." Alrighty!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Excercising a new skill is exhausting

This past Friday our little girl did something amazing. She went from laying down to sitting up all by herself. We were clapping like crazy in which she made it even cuter by clapping herself. Typically when she does something once on her own, she's got it down. I promise to post a video soon of her doing it. Since she has learned this new skill, she has realized that bedtime doesn't really have to mean sleepy time. After placing her in her bed I will come in to check in and will often find her sitting up and messing around. These pictures are of how I found Lexie today. Not how I would choose to fall asleep so I moved her into a much more pleasing position.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Sailor Suit

I pretty much consider myself a cool Mom. I don't squirm at the site of bugs, blood or even blowout diapers. I don't mind the kids getting dirty while exploring our backyard or when they drag our entire linen closet downstairs to make a really fantastic fort. If we are at a restaurant, I allow my kids to have soda (GASP) . We don't drink soda at home so it is okay to go a little wild sometimes ;) I honestly think duck, duck, goose is hysterically funny and a great workout. I will even turn up the music full blast in our house and the kids and I will dance until we are too exhausted to move. By the way if you ever want to see Gracie shake her Queen. She is sucker for Queen. Anyways, what I am trying to say is that I have never at one point in my role as a Mother felt "uncool". Until yesterday and this is exactly how it all went down.

I got an announcement from Ethan's teacher saying she was doing a lesson on growth now that spring had arrived. We were asked to send in a baby picture of our child.

Me: Hey buddy, did your teacher get your baby picture that I put in your folder?

Ethan: Yes! Why did you put that in there? Everyone laughed at me. pouty face When it was Genesis's turn nobody laughed at her picture but everyone laughed at me.

Me: WHAT? heart breaking into pieces

Eric: Destiny, what picture did you SEND?????

Ethan: The one with the deer on it.

Me: It is not bad...I promise. It is so cuteeee! It was the one where he is wearing those cute little deer booties, the deer bib and the cute deer.........hat. OH MY GOD!! I let my mommy sense take over my better sense. I am totally that Mom that sends her kid to school in a sailor outfit!!!!
Eric: Great!! Poor kid is barely in Pre-K and you have already started the teasing.

Me: Ethan, I am soooooo sorry! I should have asked you which one you wanted to take in. We can go pick out another one and I can take it to school and get the deer one back. I am sure everyone will forget.

Ethan:'s fine.

The next morning I asked Ethan again but he said it was fine. I felt horrible the whole day.

It is still an adorable picture though!
I don't care what a bunch of booger eating 5 year olds say!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday Eric turned the BIG 30 and this weekend we were able to celebrate it with his family.Dan, Teresa, and David drove all the way from Alamo to help Eric ring in his birthday. We enjoyed having them over and the kids really enjoyed seeing family. On Saturday we spent the day in Bandera showing them our land (which seemed to worsen our allergies) and then we came back to town for Ethan's t-ball game. On Sunday we went downtown for lunch where the kids got their faces painted and enough pinata candy to last us for awhile. By the end of the weekend we were all hot, exhausted and well fed!

Ethan climbing trees!

Monkey see, monkey do!

Seriously! I ask for a smile and I get this!

Family Pic
Ethan at the pitchers mound

Hitting the ball!
Eric "guiding" Ethan

Lunch at THE COVE

Lexie enjoying Grandma time

Ethan, Gracie and our friend Victoria.

The kiddos at the play area

Eric and I

Dan and Teresa
My favorite picture of them so far.

This picture just cracks me up!
Here I am posing with my gangsta children.
Gracie honestly thinks her prison pose is the cutest and Ethan is showing his fist to show off his Tats!

Pinata Time

There were Mariachis playing at the restaurant and these girls were about to dance.
We left before we were able to watch them but Gracie wanted a picture.