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Ashe Background

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This years Beggars night (what they call trick or treating in our area) was last night. We were more excited than Ethan was and I think we even had more fun getting him all dressed up. I personally think it reminds a parent of their days of being a child on Halloween and all the excitement just comes back. All day Ethan was saying Trick-or- treat but once we got up to the door he froze just looking at the bowl of candy. I finally did get him to say it once he got familiar to what was going on and after a couple of houses. Who knows what he could have been thinking? This is so weird, we put strange clothes on and people give us candy! In the beginning, he was so intent on holding his own bag but once it got too heavy, he gladly handed it over. I think he had a blast and I know Eric and I did as well. Poor Eric, we were not sure if he was going to be able to keep up with us with his knee and all but, he said that he was fine and maybe it would help the healing process. Oh yeah, I forgot to say what Ethan’s costume was. He was a 70’s disco dancer/Elvis looking person. This is the last Halloween that Eric and I will be able to choose for him before he decides on his own so we took full advantage of it. We died laughing while we were taking the pictures. Ethan just looked at us as if we were big dorks. Well, Ethan and I need to get back to his candy stash. We hope that everyone has a wonderful and a safe Halloween

Striking his Saturday Night Fever pose

Holding his goodies

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back to the great state of Texas

Today we found out where our next home will be. We are going to go back to Texas, but a different base this time. We are so excited and can't believe we got #2 on our list. We love Texas and have really missed it. Of course our families are on cloud nine because we will be close enough for them to visit more. Not to say the Midwest isn't nice, but we are glad to go back to a warm, friendly, and just a more relaxed way of life.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Productive Weekend

My poor hubby was so busy finishing his “honey do” list today. He has his knee surgery tomorrow and will be out of commission for awhile. There were some things we needed to do and I knew with his surgery and colder weather he wouldn’t get around to it. During the summer right around the time we got pregnant, we started looking for some bedroom furniture seeing how Ethan was going to be booted out of the nursery. I wanted just a natural mission style bedroom set, but just couldn’t find anything that I was impressed with. Well, Eric convinced me that he could make Ethan a bed just the way I wanted. I would hate to say that I doubted my husband’s potential but we needed this to last awhile. Needless to say, he surprised me. It came out wonderful, exactly like I had wanted, and I know that the materials we used was actual wood and not particleboard. Well, it has been in Ethan’s room all finished for about 4 months and we have been looking for a set to go with it. That is when we came across an unfinished natural wood store where you can pick any style you want and they can stain it or just leave it natural. It worked out perfect because we got him a bedroom set that matches his bed and was able to leave the pine alone. However, this weekend Eric had to put a couple coats of poly finish on it insuring if any spills were made it wouldn’t damage the wood. I think we will be starting at the beginning of next month putting Ethan in his new bed. We will see how it goes. Wish us luck. Seeing how Eric has tapped into his inner carpentry skills he also built me a growth chart this weekend. I found this item on the internet and wanted to purchase it but when Eric saw it, he convinced me that he could make it for me. This time I believed him. Since we move so much we needed something that is not paper but I wanted it to be big enough so that I can put all the kids on without having to lug around who knows how many charts. It came out great and looks so cute on the wall. Eric did such a good job that he is really considering making them to sell. Poor guy, he can’t wait for his mid-life crisis to buy him a cobra. He is getting so desperate that he will do just about anything. Sorry so long, here are a few pics of the chart and we will take pictures of his room once all the pieces are in there. We need them to air out.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Black Thumb

Eric calls me outside to see what Ethan has picked for me. I go expecting a pretty flower instead I find Ethan holding part of my sage herb plant.

Mommy: “Ethan, why did you do that? That is Mommy’s plant; you know you are not supposed to touch that.”

Ethan: “Broke it!” Giving me the plant

Mommy: “Yes, you did break it.”

Ethan: “Fix it.”

Mommy: “I can’t fix it; we have to throw it away now.”

Ethan: “Oh Man” (Thankfully, he is saying oh man now because he used to say Oh s**t. I have a horrible mouth and he was repeating after me so I have had to adjust my mouth)

Of course during this conversation Eric is snickering in the background. I will remember that the next time I see Ethan running towards Eric’s newly painted truck with a hammer in hand yelling “fix it.”

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wacky Weather

The weather in Ohio this fall has been so different from last fall. Around this time last year we had a couple days of being in the 20’s and there was even snow, however this week Eric and I have been wearing shorts and sandals with temps in the upper 70’s. I hope that means for a nice winter. Especially, since it may be our last here because Eric will be finding out next week where we may be moving after March graduation. We can’t wait, but I still have to say we may be assigned to Wright-Patt or we may move far a away. You never know what you are going to get. I have grown to like Ohio but I am just ready to try a new place and we desperately need to get out of base housing. Now that I think about it next year is going to be a busy year just from the start with Eric pinning on Captain, a new baby, Eric’s graduation and moving to a new place. All within the first 3 months, we so did not think this out!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Visit from the Grandparents

This weekend we enjoyed a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Haut. It was great to see them especially since it has been such a long time since the last time we saw them. Ethan went right to them and was eating all the attention up. I try to remind Ethan every now and then who his grandparents are by showing pictures and talking about them. Well, it seems to have paid off because as soon as he saw Grandpa he kept saying “Papo”. If Grandpa disappeared Ethan walked around the house saying “Papo” till we found him. Majority of the time Eric and his Dad would be hiding out in the garage but little Ethan had to be right next to them putting in his two cents about whatever they were conversing about. He acts like such a big boy and gives me the look of “Mom, I can have a diaper change later, can’t you see we are talking man talk here”.

During their visit we went to the pumpkin patch where they got to chase Ethan around all the pumpkins and help him decide which ones he wanted to bring home. We also enjoyed a trip out to as referred by the guys “a better place than Disney world”. Are you ready for this…….it was the cobra dealership. Hold all your ooh’s and aah’s till the end people. You should have seen their faces plastered to the window. I think we spent a good hour there and of course I was busy trying to keep Ethan from ransacking the place and touching anything that would take us out of house and home to repair. The guys enjoyed a ride each and were close to tears when we told them it was time to go. Eric is already trying to sell everything we own to buy him one.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

5 months

Now we are halfway through the pregnancy and it is starting to feel real. My belly is bigger now than it was when I was pregnant with Ethan at this time. It may because Ethan left a nice cushion. I am just thankful that every day that goes by she is growing more and more.

Monday, October 01, 2007

IT'S A .....................


Today we found out that Ethan will be a big brother to a little girl. I wasn't as surprised because I had a little hunch seeing how this pregnancy has been very different from Ethan's pregnancy. We are all excited and I can't wait to go shopping. Eric said as soon as the doctor told him it was a girl, he suddenly developed an ulcer and can feel it growing. I think what scares him is that he knows she will have him wrapped around her little finger the moment she arrives. What was so funny about this is that all week we have been asking Ethan what he thought we were having and every time he would say "sister". I don't think he has even begun to realize what a sister is or what the word meant, I just think he enjoyed saying sister than brother.

My due date hasn't changed so we are still thinking around the 20th of Feb but other than that she looks great. She seems to want to play at night and sleep during the day. I maybe feel her once or twice during the day but night time seems to be playtime because she is all over the place.