Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

We joined some good friends of ours for a water-filled weekend at Great Wolf Lodge! The kids were super excited and have been counting down the days for some time now. We all couldn't wait for the fun to begin. We ate a ton of junk food, rode on a ton of rides, and enjoyed the company of great friends! Great Wolf Lodge never dissapoints! As we were packing up to go Miss Lexie had a seizure. She looked perfectly normal that morning, but as the morning progressed, her demeanor took a turn for the worse. Unlike her last seizure, she was coherent during this one. We ended our trip at the ER, but thankfully she has made a full recovery. By the end of that weekend we all were ready to get back home. That was enough excitement to last us for awhile.

Friday, April 19, 2013

6 months already?!

     I can't believe it! Eli is growing way too fast and sadly it doesn't seem like that's going to change.  He's such a sweetie with a timid yet playful personality.  He's perfectly content being held or sitting on our laps and has the cutest giggle when being smothered by our kisses. His big brother and sisters adore him. Sometimes they're a little too forceful with their love, but I think he knows they have good hearts. Eli is still trying to master picking up his head while on his tummy, and has made great progress over the last couple of months, buts still prefers laying on his back.  He's still rocking his signature side-hawk which I think suits him.  His chubby cheeks beg to be kissed and we all take our turns happily.  Don't you agree?!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Fort Ashe Day III

It's spring break here so in keeping with tradition we had our Fort Ashe Day! The kids got in their dress up and "helped" me assemble the fort. We read books, played games, constructed crafts and lounged. It's still as much fun as I remember.  I should've taken a picture of the awesome horse I colored. The kids were fighting over it! Yup, I'm that kind of artist where my pictures are in high demand around here. HA!

 I wonder when that day will come when they annoyingly say, "Ughh, I think I'm to just going stay in my room instead." Thankfully that is still is a ways off (I hope) so we enjoyed playing today.  I was able to get a couple of pics and some video before my camera died. You would think the flashing red light would of been enough of a notice, but I tend to look past those things. Ooops!

Lunch time! Their choice, so pizza and fruit with dyed 7up!

I was trying to take a picture of just Eli, but it kills Lexie not to hover. 
I told her no which lead to this picture........

Can we say a bit too dramatic?! So I told her fine which lead to this picture........

and then finally to this picture!

When it comes to Eli, Lexie has the final word or the final open mouthed kiss.
Either one works!

I recorded the kids reading to me. Gracie was upset because she had to go last.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hoppy Easter!!

These pictures are from the Easter Eggstravaganza that was thrown two weeks ago by the squadron spouses. It was really cold and I thought the kids were going to say forget about it, but there's nothing like an egg hunt to keep them motivated.  However as soon as the egg hunt was over, we all were running for the car. Brrr!

Lucas, Ethan and Gracie

These pictures are from Easter Sunday! The kids were ecstatic which seems about right when you are the one that gets all the cool gifts.  Ethan even wrote the Easter Bunny a note and left carrots in his basket.  Of course Gracie wasn't going to be left out so she made sure her basket as well as Lexie's were stocked with carrots.  Eli decided to go against the basket tradition and relied on his good looks and charm. He was rewarded with an outfit and a pair of shoes!

Side note- I KNOW he needs a haircut. 
However, he is going with the trend of growing your hair out. 
It drives me nuts! Which I think motivates him even more.

Our bunny hand prints and carrot foot prints

Time for the hunt!!

Lexie can't stop kissing him! I literally have to drag her off of him sometimes. SO MUCH LOVE!

She had to model her new sunglasses!