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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kindergarten Ditch Day

Since Eric was off today and Ethan only has 3 days left of school, we enjoyed our Friday at Sea World. The kids loved it and Lexie did amazingly well being stuck in the stroller while the older ones went on rides. Lexie enjoyed the water section, but did not appreciate the holes that shot up water unexpectedly.

Dolphin Encounter

The kids were fascinated by the scuba diver. 
She was giving the kids high fives and fist bumps the entire time!

Carousel ride

Watching Shamu

Sesame Street Bay of Play Area
Ethan and Eric went off to ride the big boy rides 
so it was just us girls that got to enjoy the water area. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Redneck Round Up!

First of all, I want to make it clear that we are not making fun of a certain type of people. We are merely celebrating the free spirited personalities and bold clothing choices of the great American Redneck. My favorite group of Rednecks happen to be from the show Duck Dynasty! It is hilarious, family oriented, and full of unforgettable one liners! I want to eat Mrs. Kay's cooking and go hunting with Phil & Si.

I have wanted to throw a redneck party for some time now, but things just always seem to pop up around here. Since we will be moving soon and leaving some of the craziest people we know, we decided now or never!

Enjoy our craziness! 

Redneck Decor 
A huge thanks to Dollar Tree and Goodwill- cheapest party ever!!! 

 The frames on the table are decorated with beer caps and hold pictures of Nascar legend- Dale Earnhardt. Our party favors were Redneck fire alarms. Hang one in your kitchen and when it starts popping, that's when you know you need to run! 

Eric standing under our clothes line! I was a little hesitant our neighbors were going to throw a fit.
Doesn't his old truck just tie it all in?!


Redneck cake, banana pudding, and some of the fixings for Beer Margaritas!

Gracie and Gabrielle enjoying the redneck cake!

Ethan accidentally stepped right through the lid of a Styrofoam cooler.
He is laughing because we cheered him on for making the cooler more appropriate for our party!

Gracie trying to get one picture with the infamous Lexie.
You could not pay that girl a million dollars to sit still for one minute! Always on the go!

Bounce House fun!

Eric set up his deer blind for the kids to play in! They loved it!

Some of the Redneck gals!

Our Redneck Family!
I made the redneck champagne glass that I am holding in this picture.
All you need is a mason jar, candle stick holder and E-6000 glue!

I am sure my friends may bug me about this, but everyone did such an AMAZING job getting ready for this party. I just have to post their pictures! Seriously, I love my friends!!

His shirt says-If you're 2 busy to hunt and fish, than you are just 2 busy!
Her shirt says- Your trailer or mine?
LOVE IT!!!  

See what I mean?!
They knocked it out of the trailer park!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Date Night!

Here are some pictures of us from date night!
  We went out with a great group of friends for a night full of food and fun!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coach Pitch

Ethan is playing coach pitch this year and I have not had a chance to post any pics. 
 He is such a cute little guy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby 4 coming soon!

Unexpected blessing!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rockin' Gracie

      When I was pregnant with Gracie, I couldn't help but imagine all of the wonderful things little girls love to do. Tea parties with dolls, dressing up and playing damsel in distress, or even the occasional pedicures. Gracie loves everything girly and she holds true to what I had imagined. Since Ethan had started another season in baseball, I thought it was about time to introduce Gracie to an extra-circular activity. I was thinking ballet where she could add to her tutu collection, soccer where she can show off her feisty attitude, or even baseball which her brother loves.
     You can imagine my surprise when I asked Gracie and she replied with, "I want to play drums!"  First I was a little confused on how she could just jump to that activity without ever being exposed to any drummers but she was so ecstatic about it, I just went with it. Plus, I know Gracie is one unique little girl so when she has her mind set she is quite determined.  She has been doing really well with the lessons and her teacher mentioned he is showing her things that are above her level but she is grasping on quite well. After the first lesson, she looked up to the teacher and said,"So when can I start playing Queen?" I was so proud of my girl! The teacher even stated, "That is awesome,everyone always ask for Jonas brothers or Hannah Montana."  The funny thing is her reaction to failure is quite different from Ethan's. If Ethan misses a ball or just doesn't make it to base in time, he just shrugs it off and moves on to the next thing. However Gracie takes it a little hard. If she is having a hard time getting a beat just right, you can see the frustration in her face and she starts waving the drum sticks around in defiance. Crazy to see two people who were made by us act so different.

Taken with my phone