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Ashe Background

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rockin' Gracie

      When I was pregnant with Gracie, I couldn't help but imagine all of the wonderful things little girls love to do. Tea parties with dolls, dressing up and playing damsel in distress, or even the occasional pedicures. Gracie loves everything girly and she holds true to what I had imagined. Since Ethan had started another season in baseball, I thought it was about time to introduce Gracie to an extra-circular activity. I was thinking ballet where she could add to her tutu collection, soccer where she can show off her feisty attitude, or even baseball which her brother loves.
     You can imagine my surprise when I asked Gracie and she replied with, "I want to play drums!"  First I was a little confused on how she could just jump to that activity without ever being exposed to any drummers but she was so ecstatic about it, I just went with it. Plus, I know Gracie is one unique little girl so when she has her mind set she is quite determined.  She has been doing really well with the lessons and her teacher mentioned he is showing her things that are above her level but she is grasping on quite well. After the first lesson, she looked up to the teacher and said,"So when can I start playing Queen?" I was so proud of my girl! The teacher even stated, "That is awesome,everyone always ask for Jonas brothers or Hannah Montana."  The funny thing is her reaction to failure is quite different from Ethan's. If Ethan misses a ball or just doesn't make it to base in time, he just shrugs it off and moves on to the next thing. However Gracie takes it a little hard. If she is having a hard time getting a beat just right, you can see the frustration in her face and she starts waving the drum sticks around in defiance. Crazy to see two people who were made by us act so different.

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