Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, May 31, 2009

San Antonio Missions

Today we went to a minor league baseball game with a few of our friends. It was really nice because our seats were in the shade and the kids lasted till the 5th inning. I thought with all of them, they were only going to last till the 2nd inning so it was actually nice to see half of the game. Afterward, we went to the play area which was huge and had about 5 different blow up jumpers, slides and obstacle courses plus a playground. The kids had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with their buddies. I have no idea who won but to be honest I could really care less, it was an enjoyable afternoon with great company!

Watching some baseball

Gracie and Daddy

Eric acting crazy

Griffin, Amelia and Ethan

More silliness

Walking to the play area

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playgroup Buddies

Here are some pictures from playing at the pool and going to Peter Piper Pizza with our playgroup. Gracie was a little shy of the pool and really tested the water for the first couple of minutes but just like her brother she instantly became addicted to it and was having so much fun. Just like her brother she just doesn't have a sense of fear and kept trying to jump in. Ethan had a blast with his friends and was just being a little fish. The only time he got out of the pool was for a snack.

Thanks for walking away while I am taking the picture.

Ethan being sprayed

This was basically a carnival ride in the restaurant. It went pretty fast but Gracie did really well sitting next to me.

She is defiantly our child, We love pizza!

Half full

Last night I attended my first book club. I made my artichoke spinach dip, I have read the book and was ready to discuss it and couldn’t wait to have a glass of wine. Needless, to say I was excited especially because of the day I had with the kids and finally a chance to enjoy some no- kid time since Eric has been back. You know a night where I remember my name is Destiny, not Ohh MOM! I was psyched!!. Well about an hour after I get there, I receive two phone calls. One from sister and one from a neighbor who I talk to all the time, so I just ignore both of those and decided I was going to call them later. Well than about fifteen minutes later I get another call from my neighbor and this time I decided to answer it. The voice on the other line is Eric, he is telling me he is using our neighbor’s phone, has been locked out of our house with the kids and that I need to come home to let him in. Mind you it is an hour and half past bed time so I know Gracie is probably going crazy and it has started to sprinkle! I explain, to Eric that he needs to walk over to our neighbors house and ask them for our extra key. He says that he doesn’t think they have one and says “who gives their neighbors extra keys”. We hang up and I decide it is just not the night for a book club. I hop in the car and start to drive to home. Eric calls me as I am driving and promptly tells me not to worry or come home; lo and behold the neighbor had a key. I explain that I am already half way there so don’t worry about it, while secretly thinking of the half full glass of wine that was left behind. At the end of the night, Eric says he is sorry that he didn’t think to ask the neighbors, I say I am sorry because it was a good night that had to abruptly end. As a Mom you always want to feel needed, and you often reassure yourself that if it wasn’t for you to find lost shoes/blankets, wipe away tears, or even know how to ward off an upcoming temper tantrum the house would literally fall apart. It is a sense of accomplishment when you know you are needed that much, it means you must be really good at your job. However, last night was not a night that I felt accomplished!

By looking at what Gracie was put to bed wearing, Eric had a pretty rough night himself. The top is Ethan's old spider man pajamas and her bottoms are not pajamas they actually go with a top that is hanging in her closet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was one of our busiest in a long time, It was a BLAST! On Friday we were happy to welcome our good friends the Bolin's back to San Antonio. However the next day they we were quickly put to work though because we were having a big barbecue on Saturday. It was so much fun! It was great because we had some old friends, new friends and our neighbors all under one roof. The kids had a blast and enjoyed the bouncy castle. It was a Fiesta Potluck so we all gorged on mexican food and desserts. It turned out to be a beautiful evening and since our back yard doesn't face the sun in the afternoon it was not hot at all. Besides the bouncy castle and the swingset the kids enjoyed playing with the rice table. ( Yes, I said rice table! We don't believe in sand at our house, I turn into Joan Crawford with sand). By the end of the evening we were excited and exhausted. Ethan couldn't even wait for Eric to come and say good night. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was out. I thought we would all pass out too, but our next door neighbors kept the party going till 4 am. Thankfully the kids slept through it but Eric and I being the closest to them got only a couple hours of sleep. Ahh the life of childless people!

Then the next day after all the visitors were gone Eric finally attacked the garage cleaning head on and that kept us pretty busy. After months of me just tossing things in there he finally got it organized and cleaned out. Ethan's highlight though was when he and Daddy went for a ride on the 57 which Ethan calls "Monster Truck". However after a couple of miles the battery went dead so I had to go and tow them back in. He loves riding in it and was just excited it lasted as far as it did.

Gracie and Nycole jumping

Faith and Ethan jumping

Griffin going down the slide

Precious Gabrielle-Don't you just want to pinch her cheeks.

Thomas mid-laugh

Gabbing in the kitchen!

The kids being kids

Thankfully we own a blower!

Gracie having a good time!

Gracie's little "boyfriend"
He was born exactly two days later than Gracie and his name is Grason.
Perfect Match.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ethan the Observer

Yesterday I came downstairs wearing a skirt and this is Ethan’s reaction.

Ethan: Mom, you are dressed like a princess!

Me: Thanks, Ethan. It is a skirt and I am sure you have seen me wear this before. Sit down so I can put your shoes on, we need to go. (I start to put his feet on my lap to put his socks on)

Ethan: No Mom, (moving his feet) I don’t want to ruin it. You look beautiful!

Me: I will wear a skirt everyday if you will put your own socks on!

The other day we were all in the car driving down the road and it turns out to be a classic example how literal kids take things.

Eric: LOOK Ethan, there is a 1956 red corvette (pointing down the street) Oh my god he ruined it by putting 22’s on it; my dad would shoot him if he saw that.

Ethan: DAD, your dad is going to shoot him (gasp, serious face)

Eric: No, he really isn’t going shoot him. It is just a figure of speech, meaning my dad would be very upset if he saw that.

Ethan: Yeah Dad, but we don’t shoot at people or cars. That is not nice!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Little Artist

Here are some pictures from our day at the Children's Art Studio. We had such a great time, and can't wait to go back.

The plate goes on a record player and you use a marker to create designs.

Ethan painting over invisible ink. It appears when it is painted on. The lady said it was invisible ink but I think it was a white crayon.

Putting Sand over glue to make designs

The only thing Gracie wanted to do was push the chairs around.

Gracie and Noah having a snack

Noah making dot art and Ethan in background making marshmallow shapes with toothpicks

Making balloon art

Amelia and Ethan making Balloon Art

Ethan and his friends learning from the teacher


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forget the love poems, build me a deck!

This week we have been super busy, which is why I have been slacking in posting anything. For this whole week Eric and I have worked our butts off installing a new deck in our backyard. I still can't believe how great it has turned out. We are really sore and exhausted from all the digging, pouring concrete and finally placing all the wood where it needed to go. However, we both did come out with a suntan. It is not unusual for Eric and I to tackle projects like this but what was so unusual was that we came out of it without one argument HAHA! Trust me, two vocal people trying to work together, it can get a little heated. I think he is has learned that I am always right or he just has learned to just make it sound believable. Ethan tried to help and but his big job was keeping his sister occupied. I could hear "Gracie I will push you one more time but thats it" in the background a couple of times. However, once she would slow down and protest it he would push her while explaining that this was really the last time. Now that it is finished, Ethan will ask us if he play on the deck, like it is some forbidden area. I am so excited that now we can hang out there and have enough seating for us and guest.

Before Picture

Gracie watching her Daddy work

Middle Phase

All Done!!!!!

Ethan cleaning off some saw dust.