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Ashe Background

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forget the love poems, build me a deck!

This week we have been super busy, which is why I have been slacking in posting anything. For this whole week Eric and I have worked our butts off installing a new deck in our backyard. I still can't believe how great it has turned out. We are really sore and exhausted from all the digging, pouring concrete and finally placing all the wood where it needed to go. However, we both did come out with a suntan. It is not unusual for Eric and I to tackle projects like this but what was so unusual was that we came out of it without one argument HAHA! Trust me, two vocal people trying to work together, it can get a little heated. I think he is has learned that I am always right or he just has learned to just make it sound believable. Ethan tried to help and but his big job was keeping his sister occupied. I could hear "Gracie I will push you one more time but thats it" in the background a couple of times. However, once she would slow down and protest it he would push her while explaining that this was really the last time. Now that it is finished, Ethan will ask us if he play on the deck, like it is some forbidden area. I am so excited that now we can hang out there and have enough seating for us and guest.

Before Picture

Gracie watching her Daddy work

Middle Phase

All Done!!!!!

Ethan cleaning off some saw dust.


Autumn said...

I'm impressed! Eric definitely has a career outside of the air force if he wants it! Looks come here and build us one! Oh and congrats on doing it without arguing - that's quite a feat on top of the deck building:)

Pubillones Family said...

WOW! That looks awesome! We may have to hire you guys sometime. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sue says she needs a deck at her house. Tell Eric to come and help Uncle Dave put one up.