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Friday, May 08, 2009

Working on her grace!

Gracie has started walking more and more everyday but is still a little shaky. However, that means the dreaded day is approaching where I will be wishing I was the Mom on "The Incredibles". I will need those stretchable arms when they are running in the opposite directions. Her vocabulary is also growing. She loves to say bubble, happy, doggy and every morning Jager is greeted with Gracie screaming his name at him. Jager just lays there ignoring her. I am sure he is thinking "I have been here all of your life, must you scream my name every morning." She loves the Wheels on the Bus song but will only do the Sushing and the NO-NO. She puts her fat finger along side her nose instead of at her mouth and will sush the entire song. Too cute! Anytime she wants something from you or to give you something, she says "Here". Only another parent would understand but I love when she says it because it sounds cute so I will ignore her for a couple of times just to get her to say it more. I know it sounds weird. It is like when Ethan gets in the car and wants his window rolled down. I will roll it down an inch and he always says "Just a little bit", "Just a little bit" ..... and will keep repeating it until I roll it down completley. Eric asked one time why don't I just roll it down all the way as soon as he ask. I told him, I like hearing his cute voice say "Just a little bit". No one in the world gets as much gratification out of it than do I. Yes, I may win the weirdest Mom award but when Ethan brings over his tattoed, pierced and much older girlfriend I will go to my happy place and remember Ethan innocently saying "Just a little bit"!

Walking to Mommy

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