Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Spring Band Recital

At the beginning of the year, the 5th graders were given a choice; play band which will be a requirement in 6th grade or do chorus for another year.  Ethan has never showed any interest in playing a musical instrument, but it looks like he just needed to be asked because he choose band.  I was surprised and I'm not going to lie that I silently prayed that the money we spent on his instrument wouldn't go to waste.  He has done a great job and has played his instrument quite well! 


I was able to get a little video of Ethan playing! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

It was a short and unreliable spring, but that didn't keep my guys away from the baseball fields! 
Ethan did an outstanding job playing and loved having Eric as an Assistant Coach.   
This season kept both boys super busy between practices and games, 
but I don't think they've had enough because they're still talking about it!  
Ethan's favorite part was pitching and in the last game, he pitched 7 consecutive strike-outs!  
His team finished the season with 14 wins and 2 losses.  We're pretty proud!   

A team parent donated her photography services and I think the pictures came out soooo cute!  

3rd from the left. 

2nd from the right.

4th from the left. 

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Meet me in MIAMI!

If you ever want my attention and love, speak those 4 little words to me and you shall have it.  Miami makes my heart skip a beat and I love everything about it.  Yes, even the humidity and the bugs!  When my sweet friends suggested that Miami be our next girl's trip, I tried to keep my cool even though I was jumping up and down inside.  The warm weather, the food, the shopping, the beach and did I mention the yummy, delicious, make you moan out loud FOOD?!!   I don't understand how people can NOT like it?  Miami speaks my love language and I was grateful that I got to experience it with the sweetest gals around.  Of course, I took an outrageous number of pictures.  

We were all able to work in an extra day, so we drove down to Key West to start our vacation! 



Ernest Hemingway House 

This is me appreciating the sun that South Dakota has denied me all winter long! 

Key Lime Pie is a must! 

Beach days are the best days!!! 

Wynwood Walls 

Millionaire Row Boat Tour 

I loved every single second of it.  
Until next year!