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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016-2017 School Year

What a summer it has been!!  

We didn't get to do the typical summer bucket list as much as I had wanted, but we were able to hit the pool, play with friends until dark, explore more of our new town and sleep in! 
Ha...who am I kidding? Eli and Lexie only know one time and that's 5:30am.  {yawn}

I will never stop being surprised at how awesome our kids are!  They were once again yanked from their house and school and placed a thousand miles away to figure it out all over again.  It's a huge adjustment for anyone, but for a child to handle it without any major hurdles is pretty phenomenal. 

On the first day of school, they were nervous but more excited to see what this new school year will bring them.  I can't wait to see the friendships that they will forge and the accomplishments that they will amass.  Watching them blossom is far more exciting than I ever thought it would be.  
And yet still heartbreaking at the same time. 

Here's to another fantastic school year!  

Had to include the new kicks!  

This little guy started a couple days later, but was just as excited! 
Although you can't really tell from the pictures that I made him suffer through.  
He goes to school 8 hours a week to master all those important skills through therapy.  

Teacher gifts and first day fun courtesy of Pinterest! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New base, new victims..err..I mean friends!

Our new neighbors rock! They introduced themselves the first day we got here and have welcomed us with open arms.  I'm talking like we were long last family members.  They've certainly set the bar high for our future neighbors.  Our children became instant friends with theirs and my tribe has certainly grown.  I think this new village of mine is going to make the next two years pretty awesome.  Hopefully they are ready for our family and all of our quirks! 

I couldn't think of a better way to say thank you to them and get the kids excited for school, than to throw a back to school party.  Yup, another party under my belt and I freakin' love it! 

There's nothing better than surrounding yourself with sweet friends and celebrating life! 

Driveway Dance Party!!!