Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Growing up

This has been and continues to be a long running conversation in our house. It is between Ethan and I and about him wanting to live with me FOREVER!! This conversation took place while we were driving on base and within seeing distance of all the planes.

Ethan: OH MAN!!! Look at those jets!! When I grow up, I am going to fly the black one. I only like the black one. Look Mom!!!

Mommy: Yes Ethan, I see them but you know my rule about flying jets.

Ethan: but I want to fly jets AND live with you forever.

Mommy: Yes, but flying jets makes Mommy really nervous so if you want to live with me forever you need to be an accountant.

Ethan: I don't want to be an accountant (he has no idea what an accountant is), but I want to live with you forever.

Gracie : I live with you forever Mommy??????

Mommy: Uggh Gracie...I love you but on your 18th birthday Mommy will have the boxes ready for you.

Gracie: Boxes for my birthday!!! YEAH!!!!

Ethan: Well...I really like the black jet and I want to be a Jet fighter!!

Gracie: I want to be a jet fighter too!!!

Ethan: NO GRACIE!!! Only boys can fly jets, not girls!!

Mommy: Uggh buddy, girls and boys both can fly jets. She can do it too.

Ethan: Fine, but I get the black one and she can have a purple one.

Now I am just joking with Ethan and would support him no matter what he choose to do in life but the thought of my baby flying is a scary one. It is more for my entertainment to hear that he wants to live with me forever especially because I know he will slowly change his mind as he gets older. However on Gracie's 18th birthday there will really be boxes there! Me and my darling angel are like fire and ice.

Potty Training-Round 2

Well Miss Gracie has officially started the potty training process. I was in no hurry but she requested her diaper to be changed at every drop, so to avoid huge diaper bills we have started the dreadful process. She is 2 1/2 but I still was in no big hurry. She is doing great and has only had 4 accidents since Monday so I really can't complain. Every now and then she will ask for a diaper but I remind her that she is a big girl and big girls have to wear underwear. Plus, once I pull out the treat jar she is all the more willing. So here's to keeping our fingers crossed that I will only have to be changing diapers for one kiddo now!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Duke Shirt

I remember when we got this shirt, I thought Lexie was never going to fit into it. We got it while we were at Duke University Hospital during Lexie's stem cell infusion. She was so tiny that this shirt looked HUGE next to her and I was convinced that it was going to take her at least two years to fit into it. Well I was proved wrong once again because you can tell our little chunker has filled it out quite nicely!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookout Pre-K, here I come!

Monday was the 1st day of Pre-Kindergarten!! Ethan was super excited and kept asking me the names of the kids that are in his class. He has two classmates who are also on his soccer team so he wanted to be sure he got it right. We woke up bright and early and joined in on the excitable rush of parents taking their babies to school for the first day. Even Gracie was excited but it didn't last long till she realized she wasn't staying. When we walked into his class, he had the 'thanks for driving me but please leave' look, but when I started to leave he asked, "You are going to pick me up? Right?! After I assured him that I was going to be there waiting for him he was long gone. Gracie involuntary said goodbye to her brother and we were off.

However, the best treat for me was at the end of school. I could see him toward the end of the line impatiently looking for me. As soon as he spotted me he was all smiles and ran for me. At that moment I teared up. I will always remember that face. How excited his face got when he saw his mother. My friends all asked if I got teary when I dropped him off but I didn't because he doesn't really have to be there. This is a like a voluntary class and he can literally come and go as he pleases. Plus, it is only for a couple of hours and it feels like playing to him. So, even though I didn't get teary when I dropped him off, I did get teary when I picked him up. But, it wasn't because I felt like I was losing him just that I saw a little glimpse of how much I mean to him. However, next year I just know I am going to be a mess. Then I will feel like I am losing him since he will have to go to school and be there all day.

7:00 am photo shoot!

Looking sharp!

Ethan's teacher (pink shirt) showing him where his cubby is

Ethan sighing into class. My little lefty!

Gracie and Lexie on our way out

Don't worry Lexie, first day of school is hard on everyone.

End of Summer

Seeing how Lexie's surgery was canceled and Eric had already taken leave we decided to put it to good use and took a mini vacation. We drove down to Padre Island for some fun and relaxation. While we were there we got to visit Port Aransas and ate A LOT of seafood. We also toured the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium. But, a good majority of our time was spent at the beach. We had so much fun and I am sure I have gained at least 10 pounds from all of the eating we were doing. The kids were cracking us up all weekend though. They LOVED our basic hotel room. They kept asking if we were going to live there forever and were over the moon about sleeping right next to us. Of course, the later bedtime was a bonus. Then when we toured the Lexington, Ethan just couldn't get enough of it. He has officially declared 'boat driver' to be put on the list of jobs for him when he grows up. Gracie replied with ,"When I GO up, I am going to be princess and Dora". They loved climbing up and down all of the stairs, but it scared the heck out of Eric and I. We are talking about a Navy ship here, these stairs are steep and barely have railings. Afterward we went to the Texas State Aquarium to cool off and see all of the sea creatures. Of course, the kiddos loved the dolphin tank. Ethan really liked petting the sting rays but Gracie would chicken out once they got close. There was even this one area that just reaked of fish and Gracie (little drama queen) starts dry heaving and yelling "UUGGGHH, THIS IS DISCUSTING. WHO POOPED IN HERE? DISCUSTING!!! ( She says it with a c instead of a g). Eric and I were cracking up and so was everyone around us. She is such a character but we got her out of there fast before she actually threw up! Out of the whole trip, the beach was their favorite. They loved it all! The sand, the waves and hunting for sea shells. Eric and I had to keep a sharp eye though because we have two really brave kiddos and they just kept inching their way out more and more. The waves would just toss them aside but they loved every bit of it. Lexie was even able to enjoy the water. We had to stay closer to shore because I was almost knocked down while holding her so she just played in the sand and lounged on the mommy's lap. It was such a great trip and we will be going back!!

The kids relaxing together

Just got done swimming

Kiddos may be joining the Navy

Ethan having fun!

Touring the flight deck
View from the Flight Deck

"I think I made it move Mom"

Captain Gracie

Captain Ethan

Someone has been bad!?

Our little lady Lex standing next to the sign about the USS Lexington

The kids enjoying the view

Dolphin exhibit at the aquarium

Petting the sting rays

Lexie catching the rays

Enjoying the beach!

She stayed in the shade the majority of the time but why does she look so tan?!
I am so jealous!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Are we being punk'd?

This past week I was really busy preparing for Lexie's surgery. On Monday she had another CT scan and then on Tuesday, Eric and I both donated blood in case she may have needed it for surgery. Well, yesterday (4 days prior to surgery) we got a call from the doctor and she says that the latest Ct scan shows that all of her plates except for one are open and will not be needing the surgery. The one that looks to be closed was not going to dealt with at this surgery anyways. It is the plate around her forehead and that was going to be the surgery at around the age of 1. Of course, I was thankful that she was not going to have to go through such a grueling surgery and some what surprised at how they were all closed on the last CT and now all open. I was also glad for the surgery team that they caught this because if Lexie had to go through this surgery to find out that it was unnecessary, they would've had one pissed momma on their hands!!!

So it all worked out for the better but I still had questions. Being, how come her head circumference is really low on the charts and why are the plates overriding each other. She said that even though she is 7 months, her brain is not. It is still trying to catch up and fill in all the areas of the brain. There needs to be more brain present in order for the skull to grow. So time is basically our friend now and we just need to wait for her brain to catch up in order for her head to catch up to the ideal size for her age. We know from previous CT scans that her brain is filling in/decompressing really well.

I personally think she is doing remarkably well and we all have come a long way from the beginning. We just need more time to get where we are going. I am overjoyed at where we are but just giving her time to grow seems to be all that is needed. When we first heard the horrible news about Lexie's condition I remember praying that God would just give me a quick glance into our lives, so that I could see how it would all turn out. Of course, I never got that glance but when I think about it now it would've of really saved me so much worry and stress. I had prepared myself for the worst possible outcomes. I am thankful everyday at how well Lexie is doing. I know that it could always be worse than what it is and that alone makes me realize that she is doing amazing given her disability. I don't expect you to fully understand what I mean because you may just see what she is lacking but I see what she isn't lacking. She is reaching her milestones for her corrected age and that alone makes my heart want to burst. I will have to post a video of her talking to me and rolling over but right now I just need to decompress from this weeks events and spend the day with my babies.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Princess Lexie

I was in the kitchen and I over hear Gracie say "oooh LEXIE, you are so adorable!! You look like a princess"!!!! When I walked over this is what I found. Gracie had graciously let Lexie wear all of her jewelry and even made sure she had a crown to wear. Normally, Gracie throws a fit whenever she has to share her jewelry but I guess Lexie must have been on her good side. Lexie looks like she may be a diva like her sister because she was smiling the entire time. She enjoyed it as much as her sister did.

I love how she placed the big bracelets on her ankles and feet

Gracie trying to tame the hair.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bumbo Baby

Here are some other pictures of Lexie from last Sunday. She sure loves her bumbo and we are thrilled with the progress she has done in a months time. Last month she didn't have enough trunk and head control to sit in it but has since mastered the task. I catch her all the time following me around the room. It gives her much more control compared to the bouncer and the kids love that she is sitting right along side them. Her occupational therapist seems pleased with her progress and we are all rooting for her.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This Sunday we took the kids bowling and were actually surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Ethan had a really great time and would of been fine if we played it all day. He ended up beating me and even if he played without the help of the bumpers he still would of humiliated his poor mother even more. Needless to say, it has been quite a long time since I have been bowling. The last time was in Ohio at our friend KC's birthday party and I am pretty sure Ethan was one and half. Gracie enjoyed throwing the ball down and regardless if she struck any pins or not, she granted herself a congratulatory dance every time. It was hilarious watching her try to hold her own ball and using all of her strength to send it rolling on down the lane. Because if you know Gracie, she does not need any help! Of course, halfway through the game her appetite kicks in and demands a snack. I am sure people must think we don't feed her because everywhere we go within 10 minutes she begs for a snack. She has even sat an entire play date at the kitchen table stuffing her face. However, once she had her snack she was back in the game. All the while Ethan enjoyed rolling for her. We are definitely going back again, especially since I seriously need to work on my bowling skills.

I crack up every time I see this picture.
Ethan stood like that every time watching the ball.

Gracie rolling her ball down


Way to go!!
(He even has the arm swing to the back)

Daddy making Lexie laugh

Ethan rocking it.

Gracie running back to watch her victory

This is how she started her dance.

As I was taking this picture Ethan asked me
"Mom, can we keep these shoes...I really like them"

Lexie- "What is with these people and that freakin' camera!"