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Ashe Background

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

End of Summer

Seeing how Lexie's surgery was canceled and Eric had already taken leave we decided to put it to good use and took a mini vacation. We drove down to Padre Island for some fun and relaxation. While we were there we got to visit Port Aransas and ate A LOT of seafood. We also toured the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium. But, a good majority of our time was spent at the beach. We had so much fun and I am sure I have gained at least 10 pounds from all of the eating we were doing. The kids were cracking us up all weekend though. They LOVED our basic hotel room. They kept asking if we were going to live there forever and were over the moon about sleeping right next to us. Of course, the later bedtime was a bonus. Then when we toured the Lexington, Ethan just couldn't get enough of it. He has officially declared 'boat driver' to be put on the list of jobs for him when he grows up. Gracie replied with ,"When I GO up, I am going to be princess and Dora". They loved climbing up and down all of the stairs, but it scared the heck out of Eric and I. We are talking about a Navy ship here, these stairs are steep and barely have railings. Afterward we went to the Texas State Aquarium to cool off and see all of the sea creatures. Of course, the kiddos loved the dolphin tank. Ethan really liked petting the sting rays but Gracie would chicken out once they got close. There was even this one area that just reaked of fish and Gracie (little drama queen) starts dry heaving and yelling "UUGGGHH, THIS IS DISCUSTING. WHO POOPED IN HERE? DISCUSTING!!! ( She says it with a c instead of a g). Eric and I were cracking up and so was everyone around us. She is such a character but we got her out of there fast before she actually threw up! Out of the whole trip, the beach was their favorite. They loved it all! The sand, the waves and hunting for sea shells. Eric and I had to keep a sharp eye though because we have two really brave kiddos and they just kept inching their way out more and more. The waves would just toss them aside but they loved every bit of it. Lexie was even able to enjoy the water. We had to stay closer to shore because I was almost knocked down while holding her so she just played in the sand and lounged on the mommy's lap. It was such a great trip and we will be going back!!

The kids relaxing together

Just got done swimming

Kiddos may be joining the Navy

Ethan having fun!

Touring the flight deck
View from the Flight Deck

"I think I made it move Mom"

Captain Gracie

Captain Ethan

Someone has been bad!?

Our little lady Lex standing next to the sign about the USS Lexington

The kids enjoying the view

Dolphin exhibit at the aquarium

Petting the sting rays

Lexie catching the rays

Enjoying the beach!

She stayed in the shade the majority of the time but why does she look so tan?!
I am so jealous!

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Lisa said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I so appreciated your kind words :)

As for Lexie....a canceled surgery and then a family vacation....that's a double bonus!

I notice that Lexie's head shape seems similar to Elisabeth's. And, as it turns out, Elisabeth almost had the same surgery for the same reason, but it was finally decided that several of the plates were not in fact closed. So the plan was to wait and see if her head grew before the skull did close. But Elisabeth's brain was damaged to the point that it doesn't want to grow much. Oh least there's no surgery in our future :)

Anyways, sorry to ramble on. It was so great to 'meet' you and I will enjoy keeping up with your blog and reading about your sweet family!