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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Princess Lexie

I was in the kitchen and I over hear Gracie say "oooh LEXIE, you are so adorable!! You look like a princess"!!!! When I walked over this is what I found. Gracie had graciously let Lexie wear all of her jewelry and even made sure she had a crown to wear. Normally, Gracie throws a fit whenever she has to share her jewelry but I guess Lexie must have been on her good side. Lexie looks like she may be a diva like her sister because she was smiling the entire time. She enjoyed it as much as her sister did.

I love how she placed the big bracelets on her ankles and feet

Gracie trying to tame the hair.


Erica said...

I absolutely LOVE these! She looks adorable! Grace is sharing her fabulousness with Lexie and Lexie is embracing it!

Caryn said...

These are some priceless memories! I love the picture of Gracie doing Lexie's hair!

vance's mama said...

she is just so cute!!!!!! her and her big sis!

4Clarkes said...

That is awesome. You can tell Lexie loves having a big sis that shares her jewelry!