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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookout Pre-K, here I come!

Monday was the 1st day of Pre-Kindergarten!! Ethan was super excited and kept asking me the names of the kids that are in his class. He has two classmates who are also on his soccer team so he wanted to be sure he got it right. We woke up bright and early and joined in on the excitable rush of parents taking their babies to school for the first day. Even Gracie was excited but it didn't last long till she realized she wasn't staying. When we walked into his class, he had the 'thanks for driving me but please leave' look, but when I started to leave he asked, "You are going to pick me up? Right?! After I assured him that I was going to be there waiting for him he was long gone. Gracie involuntary said goodbye to her brother and we were off.

However, the best treat for me was at the end of school. I could see him toward the end of the line impatiently looking for me. As soon as he spotted me he was all smiles and ran for me. At that moment I teared up. I will always remember that face. How excited his face got when he saw his mother. My friends all asked if I got teary when I dropped him off but I didn't because he doesn't really have to be there. This is a like a voluntary class and he can literally come and go as he pleases. Plus, it is only for a couple of hours and it feels like playing to him. So, even though I didn't get teary when I dropped him off, I did get teary when I picked him up. But, it wasn't because I felt like I was losing him just that I saw a little glimpse of how much I mean to him. However, next year I just know I am going to be a mess. Then I will feel like I am losing him since he will have to go to school and be there all day.

7:00 am photo shoot!

Looking sharp!

Ethan's teacher (pink shirt) showing him where his cubby is

Ethan sighing into class. My little lefty!

Gracie and Lexie on our way out

Don't worry Lexie, first day of school is hard on everyone.

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vance's mama said...

aw how cute my vance starts his first day on tuesday :(