Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SD Mini Adventures

Now that it's gotten warmer, we've been able to venture out of our house and explore Rapid City and the surrounding areas.  Some of those times have been without the kiddos, so here are just a few pics of Eric and I enjoying some grown up time with friends! 

Give you a wild guess what holiday we are celebrating?! 

Celebrating a friend's birthday, so we went bar hopping and got to see graffiti alley! 


I co-hosted a spouses event at an actual speakeasy that existed during the 1920's!  If you know me, than you know I LOVE themed parties, so this was a BLAST to plan!  1920's attire, secret entrance with a passcode, and the sweetest burlesque dancers for entertainment.  I honestly didn't want the night to end! I'm ready to do it all over again. Who's with me?!!! 

We drove up to Keystone to check out this Aerial Adventure Park and we took our neighbors who've become like family! It's crazy how close you can become in one years time, but we've enjoyed spending our weekends with this sweet family!  Like all good military friendships though, they have PCS'd, but fingers crossed we cross paths again! 


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Break Beach Life

Even though our spring break didn't include any beach time, we thought it would still be fun to imagine that we were at the beach!  Fort Ashe was created once again and we created beach themed crafts and cupcakes!  

This was the first year that Lexie showed interest in Fort Ashe and imaginary play which made it extra special.  Maintaining focus during crafts was tough, but she loved being included.  It was sweet watching her interact with her baby doll and she really loved the snack necklaces.  

Fort Ashe never gets old and I'm lucky that they still enjoy it. 
Love these sweet moments and I hope to never forget them!