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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Big Apple

When we first moved here, Eric promised the kids that we would make it up to New York City for a mini vacation.  Two years later and I was still dragging my feet on this trip.  While I have never been to New York City, it doesn't scream family friendly plus the thought of navigating with two special kiddos started to give me an anxiety attack.  Lexie can't walk long distances and easily tires.  We brought the umbrella stroller for Lexie and Eric and I carried Eli in his Ergo.  It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be.  We had such a great time and I have a new appreciation for the city.  Besides the outrageous price of living, the city is great for families.  Everything you need is within walking distance and there are so many fun places for the  kids to explore.  I hope to go back soon!

Toys R Us in Times Square

We were all able to go on the huge Ferris Wheel that takes up three floors!

 4th of July
9/11 Memorial 

The kids are standing next to a long plaque hanging near the 
memorial honoring the firefighters who died during 9/11. 
I didn't realize how little Ethan and Gracie knew of 9/11, so we had a long talk about this 
event and the importance of this memorial.

The 9/11 Memorial 
Eating out with a good size bunch can get hard, but knowing that the amount of kid friendly restaurants is quite low makes it even harder.  Thankfully every restaurant that we ate at went above and beyond.  Plus I'm sure it helped a lot that I researched family friendly restaurants at this great site, MiniMunchers, since we all know that an annoyed waitress and patrons can ruin your mood and appetite. 

Restaurants and Lexie don't mix well.  There's too many people, it's loud and she doesn't sit still. 
Eric had the genius idea to bring his noise canceling headphones for her tablet and I can't believe how much it modified her behavior.  We are bringing those suckers everywhere!

Statue of Liberty 
 Not a bad place to spend our 4th of July at, if I do say so myself!
I printed up these adorable crowns for the kids to wear on our trip to the Statue of Liberty. 
Gracie's crown was the only one that lasted more than 2 minutes.

View from the pedestal.  
If anyone is curious, the pedestal is 195 steps up! 

 Times Square

Central Park 

I was surprised to learn that you can rent a model boat in Central Park. 
I was even more surprised that it only cost $11.00!  Ethan loved it!

Aladdin Broadway Show

While my first choice was Lion King, I got to hand it to Ethan and Gracie on their great choice. 
 Aladdin was fantastic and the costumes were GORGEOUS!  
We had a blast and I just wish we had more time to see more shows.  

Empire State Building

Friday, July 04, 2014

Weren't we just in college?!

That comment lingered in my head the entire weekend that our good friends, The Bolins, were visiting us.  Time just seems to be going by so fast and suddenly we're parents doing grown up things.   While our college days are long gone, we still enjoy hanging out with each other.  Now we just have a following of eight and we think they are pretty darn cute.
Lucky them!

 6 out 8 kiddos tucked in for a late night movie. 

National History Museum 

 Washington Monument 

Lincoln Memorial

Lexie enjoying the break from the stroller

Adding on to our little tradition of group picture time! 
I posted the earlier group pictures, so you can see how much they have grown and the addition of little ones.