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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Early Christmas

Although we will be heading back home in a couple of days for the holidays, we still wanted to celebrate our own Christmas with our family. We all enjoyed opening our presents, but watching the kids is always so much fun. Ethan is now at the age where he understands and is the most enthusiastic he has ever been about opening his presents. He was even handing out the presents to us. We did explain to him that Christmas is not over and we will be opening more presents in Alamo, so he is very excited that Santa is coming back. Gracie just tried to eat the paper a couple of times but she is always happy so we will just pretend she understands. Of course the day ended with Eric and I searching for batteries and practically ripping the toy boxes up trying to get pass the 50 zip ties. All the while, an anxious 2 year old hurrying us along.

Gracie and her hair looking Fabulous!

Gracie unwrapping her presents

Ethan unwrapping his presents

Ready to play

"Take the stinking pacifier NOW!" She kept jabbing it in her eye

"Uhhh Mom, you can totally stop taking my picture now"

The infamous Geo Tracks, although he still acted surprised.

Our very own Hansel and Gretel!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

Artist at work

We went to a pottery studio to paint with our playgroup today. Ethan picked a dragon and used his favorite colors to paint it, blue and orange.

That is his dragon behind him all finished

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Party

Here are the pictures from the Christmas Party. We had a lot of fun and came home with homemade ornaments and presents from Santa. It was nice to sit and relax from all the Christmas bustle that we have going on. I finally got our Christmas cards in the mail after two trips to get more stamps, I know we still have more gift shopping to do and finally just getting ready for our trip back home. I am so excited to see our family and hopefully we will all survive the drive. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Telling Santa what they want for Christmas

Ethan showing off his ornament

Hard at work

No this is not at the party but I threw it in for the heck of it.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Gracie's new found independence

Gracie has finally grasped that she is more than capable to move herself without mommy's help. Since her learning to crawl she has been causing a damper in Ethan's world. He is realizing that if she sees a toy that he is playing with, she will go and try to take it from him. All I hear is "Ughh Gracciiieee" I tell him if you want to keep the toy, you better go and hide. So basically Ethan has been trying to stay clear of her. Although he does get excited to see her crawl and will start yelling for me to come and watch her show off her new skill.

Today we had our Playgroup Christmas Party and everyone brought their favorite holiday treat as well as an ornament to exchange. Our plan was to get the kids all sugared up and just let them run lose. It worked till we were ready to go home and everyone had gotten into a bad mood. Ethan was begging for one more cookie like a little cookie addict but I knew he had enough. Tomorrow we have another Christmas Party with the spouses club so hopefully I can get my little cookie monster to not go overboard.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008