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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Home for the Holidays

     Since we were only able to spend 9 days in New Mexico, we packed in as much family time and Christmas traditions that we could fit in.  We had a wonderful time and like always, it just goes by way too fast. 

     On the morning that we were set to leave, Gracie told us that she wasn't ready to go and that we would have to force her to leave.  It was a hard drive to the airport, but we assured her that it wouldn't be our last visit.  

     Brace yourself for picture overload, but I do have to warn you that this is only half of them. I will be posting more soon!

Decorating cookies with cousins.

Eric, me, Danielle and Chris

The kids loved playing next to the Christmas decor at Germ and Lapiz's house.

Christmas Eve
Eli getting his snuggle on with his Great Grandmother Maria

Vance, Ethan and Gracie 

Eric, David, and Chris 

The kids seeing Grandpa all dressed up as Santa

Santa's helpers are ready and waiting

Christmas Day

Emmalynn loving the balloons that Santa brought.

 Lexie and Eli hogging their Great Grandfather Lapiz. 

My mother set up a craft table for the kiddos and this picture cracks me up because the kids are anxiously waiting for us adults to figure out what the heck we were supposed to be making. 
It was definitely one of those 'lets just throw it together and see what we make before the kids riot' kind of moments.

The kids with more cousins. 
I asked Ethan to hold his brother for two seconds, but apparently I should've defined the word hold. 

This is my gorgeous niece, Annalicia, who is going to be 13 in a couple of weeks! 
Yup...she is already taller than me! 
Makes me unbelievably sad.

Family picture with my Grandma Maria

Family picture with my parents.
Ignore me. I have no idea what I was doing ??
Thrusting out my neck, I suppose ?!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Family Christmas

Since we're traveling to New Mexico to celebrate Christmas with our families, we wanted to celebrate Christmas with our little family before we left.  We haven't been home for Christmas for some time now and we're just itching to get back.  Our little ones will become reacquainted with our family and even meet a few members that have since been added.  Plus they will get a chance to participate in all of the traditions that we were raised to treasure.  It will be a great trip full of memories and love!

Older brother couldn't have picked a better gift to give to his younger sister.

I take it that they like their gifts.

I can just bite him. Seriously he's that cute.

The scarf was a present that I opened before the picture was taken. I do not sleep with scarfs on. :)

Do you spy the rock on my left hand? Ethan scored that at his school store just for little old me.

I love Eli's face in this picture. 
It's as if he is saying, "They got me slippers. Why slippers?"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

National Christmas Tree

Another family activity to celebrate the Christmas season included a visit to the National Christmas Tree.
It was FREEZING that day so we weren't there long, but we did get a quick a visit with Santa in and located the Christmas tree that was adorned with ornaments from our home state.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Had to be on that side of your neck?!

Eli woke up with a fever and had a strange golf ball size mass on the right side of his neck.  After an ER visit, blood work and an ultrasound, he was diagnosed with Lymphadenitis.  Even though antibiotics and Tylenol were ordered, Eli had to be admitted to hospital because the infected nodes were sitting right on the shunt tubing.  His Neurosurgeon wanted to make sure that the infection didn't cause his shunt to become infected and that the mass didn't grow in size.  Thankfully after three days, his fever was long gone, no signs of infection elsewhere and the mass had reduced in size.  We were sent home and after about 10 days on antibiotics, his neck is back to normal.  During the entire hospital visit, Eli was such a doll.  He is so sweet and just takes it all in without a fuss.  Except when he is getting an IV.  But who can blame him?!

Santa Clause was visiting the pediatric floor and he popped in to say hello!