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Ashe Background

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Family Christmas

Since we're traveling to New Mexico to celebrate Christmas with our families, we wanted to celebrate Christmas with our little family before we left.  We haven't been home for Christmas for some time now and we're just itching to get back.  Our little ones will become reacquainted with our family and even meet a few members that have since been added.  Plus they will get a chance to participate in all of the traditions that we were raised to treasure.  It will be a great trip full of memories and love!

Older brother couldn't have picked a better gift to give to his younger sister.

I take it that they like their gifts.

I can just bite him. Seriously he's that cute.

The scarf was a present that I opened before the picture was taken. I do not sleep with scarfs on. :)

Do you spy the rock on my left hand? Ethan scored that at his school store just for little old me.

I love Eli's face in this picture. 
It's as if he is saying, "They got me slippers. Why slippers?"

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