Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Friday, December 13, 2013

Had to be on that side of your neck?!

Eli woke up with a fever and had a strange golf ball size mass on the right side of his neck.  After an ER visit, blood work and an ultrasound, he was diagnosed with Lymphadenitis.  Even though antibiotics and Tylenol were ordered, Eli had to be admitted to hospital because the infected nodes were sitting right on the shunt tubing.  His Neurosurgeon wanted to make sure that the infection didn't cause his shunt to become infected and that the mass didn't grow in size.  Thankfully after three days, his fever was long gone, no signs of infection elsewhere and the mass had reduced in size.  We were sent home and after about 10 days on antibiotics, his neck is back to normal.  During the entire hospital visit, Eli was such a doll.  He is so sweet and just takes it all in without a fuss.  Except when he is getting an IV.  But who can blame him?!

Santa Clause was visiting the pediatric floor and he popped in to say hello!

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