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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pressure Relieved ;)

First, I always enjoy Eric's posts! Even when they make me cry and smile at the same time. He is such a great guy-totally swooning- and I am equally blessed to have him as a husband and a father for my children. No matter what crazy situation we come across, it always seems manageable when we go through it together. Plus, he has the best sense of humor and that is a priceless quality when the road bumps turn into massive hurdles.

Now, on October 12th Eli had his shunt surgery and it went wonderfully well! Four days have passed and his head is smaller, but the shunt does not appear to be over draining. Tomorrow will be the first time that Eric and I will be able to get to go into the NICU together and also be able to get to hold him longer than two seconds, so expect many more pictures. The pictures below are from the day of his shunt surgery and then a couple from today. This NICU, unlike the one that Lexie was in, allows siblings of all ages to visit so as you can imagine that Ethan and Gracie were ecstatic about meeting their little brother! They loved seeing him up close and sneaking in a touch or two!  Unfortunately, we choose to have Lexie stay out of the NICU because she likes to pull plugs...yikes!  Neuro has officially released him so once we get his weight back up and get him eating more at each feeding, we should have our little guy home for good! He is too cute for his own good and I am really enjoying this chance to savor each newborn moment again.

See those happy faces!

Here is my mom with Eli a couple hours after having his shunt surgery. 

These were taken today! He is very addicting and I couldn't resist kissing his adorable cheeks!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tiny Hero

In keeping with tradition, I thought I would publish my fourth (and final) blog post.  As with the rest of our children, I seize the opportunity to take over the reins of Destiny's coveted blog in an attempt to relay the news of our most recent family additions.  While many people were out playing the lottery or getting married on 10/11/12, we were blessed with winning our own lottery as we welcomed Eli Eugene Ashe into the world.  I couldn't dig up any ancient proverb or mystical association with having a child on a sequential date, however, there are only two more chances for such an event this century...11-12-13 and 12-13-14.  So, for the rest of our superstitious friends and family out there, hop on the love train because this offer won't last long!

As my prize bride illustrated in her previous post, the events leading up to this occasion were filled with twists, turns and conundrums that would challenge even the most talented Hollywood scriptwriter.  We were just about to put Destiny's mom back on a plane to New Mexico since we had no clue when this child would be born, but me being such a laid back guy (and cheapskate), decided not to buy a last minute plane ticket.  Instead, I told her I would go to work the next day and we would wait and see what happens.  I don't know if it was the power of prayer or the power of Destiny's persuasion, which can be effective in dire circumstances, but I received a call from Dest at about 10:00 am yesterday telling me that the Doctor said it was showtime.  I'm hoping no threatening calls were made by Dest to the hospital, but we made it to the hospital by 12:00 pm with no involvement from civil authorities.

After Destiny was hooked up to all her machines, they did an ultrasound to measure the circumference of Eli's head.  It had grown quite a bit from the last ultrasound and was measuring at 40 weeks and 5 days even though Eli was only 33 weeks and some change.  The docs then presented us with our next challenge of the day.  Should we go for the c-section or give 'er the old college effort and try to push this kid out.  Luckily, Destiny brought her stash of suck it up from home and she decided against the c-section.  They started inducing her and her contractions started popping right away, but she wasn't dilating at all.  I thought I was at a fruit stand because the docs were talking about the uterus ripening and giving her cocktails to help speed things along.  After a few more hours, one of the contraptions the docs used worked and she was well on her way.  Well, like a person trying to shed a bunch of weight, Destiny plateaued and we were content with the fact that she would probably have a c-section in the morning.

Fast forward to 6:00 am today.  The docs came in and checked Dest and she had progressed some from the middle of the night.  They were still concerned that the head wouldn't drop, but were still going to try the normal route.  At this point, Dest is drugged up with her epidural, so she is in a right state of mind and reminds the doc that she wants her tubes tied after all is said and done.  I am by no means a doctor, however, I consider myself somewhat educated on what certain procedures do and what they are for...i.e a "tubal ligation".  It was six o'clock in the morning and with no sleep, I can't exactly tell you verbatim what the doctor said, but it was the most asinine explanation of why the current night crew couldn't do a tubal because they weren't trained and didn't have the documentation.  For my military brethren out there, I'm sure you've had the doc pull up WebMD while you were in the office with them, so I though what the hell....bust out the iPad and I'll pull one up on Youtube.  Another one of her concerns was that she was sure if we knew that this procedure was permanent and that regret was the number one side effect.  After tranquilizing mama bear (Dest) so she wouldn't jump out of bed and strangle a certain individual, she calmly explained that this would be the second special needs child out of four and she and I were definitely done.  Again, her powers of persuasion are a force to be reckoned with.

Ok...I'm going to end soon, I promise.  Well, 6:45 am rolls around and they check Dest and we still have a little way to go.  In her most patient manner, she sits up and starts gyrating around.  A few minutes later, she complains to the docs that her epidural is wearing off because she can feel the contractions.  They were about to give her a little more juice, but decided to check her once again.  Apparently in all her commotion, she shook the little guy loose and was ready to rock.  After three pushes, little Eli was born at 7:13 am weighing 5lbs 6 ozs and 19.25 in long.  He had a little issue breathing since he was premature, but the docs gave him some drugs and he was soon breathing comfortably with no outside intervention or oxygen supply.  He is proving to be tough like his sister Lexie and refuses to sit by and let hydro stop him.  They transferred him to the NICU and he'll be there until he recovers and is strong enough to come home.

After I visited with the little guy for a while, I went back to check on Dest who was still in bed with her epidural.  She said she was scheduled for the tubal shortly, so they were going to leave it in until the surgery.  Of course, three c-sections come in and Dest is bumped to the back of the line after each one.  Finally, after eight hours, Destiny is out of surgery and resting comfortably in her room....and cursing me because I put her in this situation.

 In our house, we have this little thing called the Hero Award.  It isn't a tangible item or something with intrinsic value, but more of a pat on the back, you can have ice cream, do what you want type of award.  We usually give it to the kid who does best when we go out in public or when they are good for the day.  I'm deviating from standard protocol today, because Destiny definitely earned the hero award.  I've watched her go through this process four times and I'm constantly amazed at her grace and poise as she's going through excruciating pain and checking on her other kids at the same time.  She even has to console me as I freak out and my blood pressure skyrockets every time a doctor walks in the room.  The last two pregnancies have not been the easiest on her, but she has treated each the same by pouring her heart and soul into making sure our babies are well cared for.  She has been through hundreds of therapy sessions, doctors appointments, diaper blowouts and other fantastic surprises of parenting while I was at work.  Each time, I look at those booger nosed kids I can't do anything but smile as I realize we are truly blessed to have such an amazing woman as my wife and their mother.  As we prepare for little Eli to go into surgery to place his shunt tomorrow morning, I know she'll be there right by his side to protect him as he faces this next challenge in his life.  Cheers to you bugaboo!

Ok...really done this time.  There are probably a few more tidbits I should have told and will get reprimanded for forgetting them, but you get the picture.  Speaking of which, below are the latest and greatest of Eli.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

List of Unfortunate Events

- Planned to have Eli on Tuesday the 2nd but was delayed a week due to the Neurosurgeon having a family emergency. My doctor made it sound like he was dealing with a medical emergency concerning one of his own children. Tried to request another Neurosurgeon but was quickly denied due to the fact he was familiar with our case and since I was only 32 weeks and not past my own personal deadline of 34 weeks, she felt there was no need.  I was heartbroken since my mother had flown in just to help us, but she thankfully understood our position and was kind enough to extend her time which relieved so much stress and anxiety.  We actually had a great time touring Maryland together.

-One week later today, I called my doctor to confirm tomorrow's schedule. I had to leave a message with the front desk and was told she would call me back. I did get a phone call back, but it was from her personal nurse and this is how it went...

Nurse- "Hi Mrs. Ashe, Dr. H is out of town right now, but she has relayed all of the info to me."

Me- "Oh...okay."   Heart sinks to my stomach because that is not how I wanted the conversation to start.  I knew it would be either her or her partner delivering me, but her absence makes the uncertainty rise.

Nurse- "We have still not heard from the Neurosurgeon so tomorrow is not looking too good, but we will let you know when we do! Dr. spoke with him on Friday and he knows we are waiting for his phone call so when we hear from him we will let you know."

Me- "Is there any way I can talk to him so I can get a better date from him"

Nurse- "I doubt he wants to talk to anyone right now. That is all I can tell you about his situation."

Me- "It sounds like this poor man seems to be going through hell right now and yet we are waiting for him? Why on earth hasn't any of his colleagues offered to jump in and take his cases from him?"

Nurse- "His colleagues will not do a surgery that they find to be controversial!"

Me- " Controversial??? This is for a shunt. It is the most basic from of brain surgery there is? I am confused...this is the first time I am finding out about this! What do they see as controversial?

Nurse-" Let's just wait for his call."

The call ended, but I was left with more questions than answers. 1) What did the other Neurosurgeons find so controversial and 2) This poor doctor seems to be going through HELL with his own child which I am not trying to assume the worst, but then they are expecting him to come in within the next couple of days and perform BRAIN SURGERY ON MY CHILD while under that said stress. Ughh I don't think so!

-After that phone call, I became so desperate that I made a call to my old doctor, Dr. Faucett in San Antonio. He said he was going to make some calls and see what he could do from there. His words.."This is time sensitive, you need to deliver soon!" He even mentioned that if need be he would fly me back to San Antonio, induce me and have Lexie's neurosurgeon do the shunt. I seriously love that man! He was at a medical convention in Las Vegas and literally left the meeting to take my call. Seriously...he is the best and I HATE that he is not stationed up here.

- Around three in the afternoon, I decided to do some digging by calling the actual Neurosurgery clinic and see what I could find out. I knew they were not going to tell me any personal info regarding him, but I was desperate.  I was able to get through to the clinic manager which also happened to be a doctor.
Me- "Hi, I was wondering when Dr. D was going to be back in?
Doctor- "Umm..let me check...I know it wasn't that long of a leave so I assume any day moment, let me check.
Me "Oh, thank you"
Doctor- " I checked and it looks like his leave ends today so he will be in tomorrow!"
Me- "Thank you so much!"

Two things...(1 The way she spoke was as if he was just gone on any ole' normal leave, not trying to survive a horrible week witnessing something God awful. She is a colleague of his, yet answered my question with ease and no trepidation. (2 According to her he comes back tomorrow, so I can assume it is any day now...right?! However, something is just not sitting right. Did my doctor make the Neurosurgeons situation sound much worse so that I wouldn't question their motives? Something seems off and it is driving me crazy!!

-That is basically where we are right now. Simply wonderful news! All I know is when I see Dr. D I will apologize to him for surviving what must of been a God awful week and that we are hoping that he and is family can overcome the pain that him and his family has had to endure.  His answer will either have me counting my blessings or going straight to patient advocacy to place a report against my doctor.