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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pressure Relieved ;)

First, I always enjoy Eric's posts! Even when they make me cry and smile at the same time. He is such a great guy-totally swooning- and I am equally blessed to have him as a husband and a father for my children. No matter what crazy situation we come across, it always seems manageable when we go through it together. Plus, he has the best sense of humor and that is a priceless quality when the road bumps turn into massive hurdles.

Now, on October 12th Eli had his shunt surgery and it went wonderfully well! Four days have passed and his head is smaller, but the shunt does not appear to be over draining. Tomorrow will be the first time that Eric and I will be able to get to go into the NICU together and also be able to get to hold him longer than two seconds, so expect many more pictures. The pictures below are from the day of his shunt surgery and then a couple from today. This NICU, unlike the one that Lexie was in, allows siblings of all ages to visit so as you can imagine that Ethan and Gracie were ecstatic about meeting their little brother! They loved seeing him up close and sneaking in a touch or two!  Unfortunately, we choose to have Lexie stay out of the NICU because she likes to pull plugs...yikes!  Neuro has officially released him so once we get his weight back up and get him eating more at each feeding, we should have our little guy home for good! He is too cute for his own good and I am really enjoying this chance to savor each newborn moment again.

See those happy faces!

Here is my mom with Eli a couple hours after having his shunt surgery. 

These were taken today! He is very addicting and I couldn't resist kissing his adorable cheeks!


Kim said...

He is gorgeous, congratulations!

Amy said...

Love the pics of the kids with Eli!! cant wait to see more!!