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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Friday, March 07, 2014

Life in Between

This little stinker took advantage of the fact that my attention was elsewhere. 
We were able to find the sock, but that shoe is long gone. 
His little dimple and eyebrow raise make this picture ten times cuter.

Ethan's latest masterpiece. 
I can't wait to frame it.

He's getting so big!

Our little diva in the making

Afternoon lunch date for Eric and I.

Quick weekend trip to the National Building Museum. 
Our kids love it here!

Loaded Nachos for the Super Bowl 
Seriously can't even begin to tell you how delicious this was. 

I found this note in Lexie's room. 
Gracie wrote it.  Warms my heart!

I'm the cookie mom for Gracie's girl scout troop, so I get to see these boxes a lot!

I can tell Eli likes the most popular cookie too!

We have finally found something that Eli can't stand. 
Haircuts are his kryptonite.

Lexie looking way too grown up!

Snow Day Games

I'm the box top mom for the kid's school. 
What's lame is that this was taken on a Friday night.

Ugh, sure, I guess you can use the little sink as your own personal chair.

Eric's homemade plow

Ethan gave this plant to me last year for Mother's Day
I have no idea how it's still alive. 
I'm a serial plant murderer. 

 I'm still not used to seeing an oak leaf on his uniform.
I feel like we are 23 and brand new to the Air Force. 
Time is flying by way too fast. 

This was the temperature one morning as the kids and I were going to a doctor's appointment. 
We all miss Texas dearly!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Blush and Bashful

It has honestly been one year since we had started re-decorating Gracie's room.  When Eli moved from his bassinet to the crib, the sleeping arrangements in our house changed and Gracie was left without a bed.  We took it as a chance to change a  few things in her room and I gotta say that I'm super jealous.  After she picked her gorgeous bedspread, it was easy to figure everything else out, but our execution just took a little longer than we intended.  Darn our crazy life. All I know is that the younger version of me wouldn't ever want to leave her room. It's so cute and just screams girly girl! 

Gracie bought this Barbie Dream house all by herself.  She has been saving her money for some time now and refused to spend it until she was able to buy this!  The girl knows whats she wants!

 This is where Gracie belts out "Let it go" over and over and over and over.........