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Monday, April 25, 2016

Camping with the Girl Scouts

Gracie and I joined our Girl Scout Family for one fabulous night of camping!  

I'm not joking, it really was a lot of fun! 
I have no problem saying that I'm usually the first one to dismiss any ideas that involve tents, but I didn't mind it one bit.  

We had a great time making crafts, hanging out by the lake, cooking walking tacos and devouring smore's.  Gracie called it our "Girls Trip" and she enjoyed every bit of it.  Of course, she was the first one to pass out by the fire at 8 o'clock, but she fully accepts the fact that she can't hang.  She always says, "You know I'm not going to stay up past my bedtime. I love sleep!" 

My concern with tent camping is that it's uncomfortable and cold, but I was very surprised that wasn't the case.  We were very warm and comfortable.  I may have been to hasty to cross of tent camping.  I think we will give it a try once Eli gets out of the toddler stage.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Disney Dream Highlights

To go along with the hundred pictures that I've posted earlier, 
here is a video highlighting all the fun we had.


Disclaimer- Our entire family, including Gracie, can't watch this video without laughing our butts off at her trying to recover after falling off of the tube. It's that hilarious! 

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Disney Dream

      I'm not lying when I say that this vacation has been our best vacation yet. Disney knows how to be amazing all on their own, but add a cruise line to it and cloud nine awaits for you.   

      We arrived in Orlando the night before our cruise was to set sail and stayed near Disney Springs AKA Downtown Disney. We had dinner at our favorite restaurant Wolfgang Puck and then had fun shopping at the Lego and Disney stores.  At the end of the night as we were walking back to our car, the Florida weather surprised us and a nice sunny day suddenly turned into a torrential downpour.  If our kids remember anything from this trip it would be us running to the car completely soaked, but laughing so hard that we couldn't speak. They loved every minute of it. 

      The next day was DISNEY CRUISE DAY and we woke up excited!  Checking in and getting all of our luggage on the ship wasn't too bad. However, it wasn't until after we boarded the ship that I realized that our bag with our bathing suits and sunblock was still in the car...Opsey.  Poor Eric had to run back to the car for it and I must say he did it amazingly fast.  At least we didn't leave a kid behind and this is why I always plan on being there early anyway. Just in case. 

    After that though, our vacation was nothing short of fantastic.  The kids spent their days by the pool or the kid's club and we enjoyed the pool and the quiet time that the kid's club was able to give us.  This vacation was the first vacation where I didn't feel like I needed another vacation afterwards.   On the last morning, Gracie suggested that we lock our cabin doors and hide because she was too upset to leave.  I felt the exact same way.  I'm already trying to figure out a way to go on another one without breaking the bank.  

     I do have to say planning this vacation was such a breeze thanks to my friend Becky who knows all the good deals.  Here is a link to her Disney Vacation Facebook Page if you're interested.  I also have to give credit to Pinterest. There were so many helpful tips and tricks about the Disney cruises which I know helped make our vacation more phenomenal.  

    I asked the kids to tell me what their favorites were and here are their responses....

Ethan: Pirate Night, Bahamas, and swimming in the pools.
Gracie: Getting to dress up like a princess night, swimming in the pools, and Pirate Night even though the pirates were scary realistic. 
Lexie: Kid's Club, playing on our balcony and eating at the buffet.  (Just a guess)
Eli: Playing on our balcony, walking with my walker in the lobby and meeting a walker buddy!
 (Another educated guess)  

Disney Springs 

Disney Dream 

Nassau, Bahamas 

Castaway Cay 

Eli enjoyed walking in his walker while we were on the cruise, but really got a kick when he saw another little boy in a walker too.  Here he is with his new cruise buddy, Cameron. 

We spent Easter Sunday on the cruise, but thankfully the Easter Bunny still visited our house while we were gone.