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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back To School 2013-2014

I can't believe that I have a SECOND GRADER and a KINDERGARTENER!! The summer went by too fast and I wasn't ready to let them go.  I think the first day of school is a harsh awakening on how quick time is moving. Sadly, their childhoods go right along with it.

I had a hard time letting her go that morning. She is my mini me which means our conversations are never boring and at times somewhat feisty. She is my sweet company during the day as well as being such a big helper with Lexie and Eli.  She was bouncing with joy as we got in the car and couldn't wait to run into the school.  I asked her if she was going to miss me and she said, "I will miss you a whole lot"!  She kissed Eric and I goodbye and happily walked in.  I waited till we got into the car before I started to cry.  Despite already having gone through this with Ethan, it still hurts to see one of my babies become so independent. Once I picked her up, she truly didn't disappoint. She told me every single detail of her day.  What I gathered from her long synopsis is that she had a wonderful day and appeared excited to go back.
 1st day success! 

I love this picture of Ethan and I think it truly captures him.  This year was the first year where Ethan appeared nervous and a little skittish about going back to school.  I had to ease his worries a bit, but there's only so much of mommy's inspirational words a boy can take. He just needed to get it over with and see it's typically the same for everyone.  At the end of the day after he got in the car, he answered my question the same way he has always done, "It was good."  He being a typical boy doesn't relish on the details, but after my prying questions, he finally opened up.  He told me his classmates names and how they all were nervous, but everyone seemed to relax after a couple of ice breaker games. 
 I think it was a great first day for him too! 

Back to School Breakfast

Had to get a picture with Lexie who thought standing was just an absurd idea.  
She starts preschool next Tuesday! 

 At the school ready to go in! 

 We love our pencil tradition! The kids can't wait to get home from school for this special treat!
(I'm glad it's their favorite part of the day because it is mine too!)

The kids gave their teachers First Day of School Survival Kits
The kits had office supplies, candies, chocolates and hand sanitizers in them.

When Ethan was about to enter Kindergarten, the playgroup that we were apart of at that time hosted a Back To School Bash.  I made a pencil cake for everyone to enjoy.  Miss Gracie informed me that she was expecting the same thing since she was now entering kindergarten. Gotta love sibling rivalry.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Myrtle Beach Summer Vacation Part 1

With two weeks left of summer vacation, we headed to South Carolina for some much needed rest and relaxation. This has to have been the most low key vacation we've taken in awhile.  Besides one visit to an Alligator Adventure, we pretty much lounged at the beach or the pool. The kids including Lexie who can be quite picky when it comes to activities, LOVED being in the water.  Eric and I both agree that our forever home will need to be by a beach because it seems to bring out the best in everyone.  One night I had a hard time dragging them out of the water when I didn't want to get out myself.  Love places like that!  The Alligator Adventure didn't disappoint either.  It's pretty much like a small zoo with more animals than just alligators.  The kids got to pet reptiles and watch an alligator feeding show.  They had a blast and I was impressed how big it was and how many animals there were. 

We meet special friends wherever we go! 
Bob was born without back legs so for his safety he gets a pond all to himself.