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Ashe Background

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life in Between

This little frog wouldn't leave Ethan alone. Ethan would put him on the floor, and he would just jump right back onto Ethan. I told Ethan all he had to do was give it a big kiss. Yeah, Ethan wasn't going for it.

First day of VBS and Girl Scout Camp 

Sending postcards to family and friends

Cub Scout trip to Colonial Farms 

Summer School Water Day! 
That little boy is her buddy Jackson. Isn't he a cutie pie!! 
Don't ask me why I left her bib on.

Road trip busy work for my hooligans!

5 year old BFF's took over my phone and had a grand ole' time! 

Lexie loves selfies 
I think this is her best one yet!

Well aren't I loved! We were leaving our friends house that morning and my friend, being the night owl that she is, made sure to have everything ready for us in the morning. Ain't she a doll!!

Dentist appointments always freak me out, but Lexie takes it on like a pro!

All ready for Girl's Night Out.....

...and this was our view during dinner!

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