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Friday, August 09, 2013

Lake Placid, NY

What's a summer vacation without one road trip?!  We traveled north to visit some very good friends of ours for a week of fun!  The Torres tribe were nice enough to invite us to their home and had an amazing itinerary planned.  Plus, there's nothing like being around old friends and watching your little ones pawn over each other like they were family.  The kids were fantastic on the drive so I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend that week. Although, I'm quite sure Lexie's early rising was wearing everyone out.  Who can blame her though?!  The lake was calling her name and we had such a short time to catch up with our dear old friends.  Good times for all!

Carousel ride

Fun at the Lake

The Wild Nature Center

You know when you need to pick up the pace because this chickadee tends to lose it quite quickly!

yeeeaahhh, this dragon fly puzzle isn't going to fix this temper tantrum. 

But thankfully sitting on her mommy's lap and playing with the phone seems to be the golden ticket!

I forgot to put Lexie's bib over her dress that morning. Seeing how Lexie is a drooler, it means her shirt and the sticker she received from the wildlife center got damp in no time. I find it fitting that the sticker says 'I belong'.  Despite how drenched and a little tattered it is, I think it represents Lexie quite well.
 She belongs no matter what condition she's in.  Lexie's recent behavior has gotten a lot more stares than we are used to, so I wish I could buy her a whole role of those stickers to wear everyday.
She belongs in those public places just as much as anyone else does.
She belongs.

Riding the gondola up a very high mountain.

Is it chilly?!

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