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Ashe Background

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Pre-Thanksgving preparations

Gracie took a tumble at school so we had a temporary fracture. 
When I say temporary fracture, I mean one day.  
I pick my battles and that wasn't worth the fight. 

We were making our annual turkey headbands. 

Ethan was busy making our pumpkin cheese ball appetizer 

This was the first year when Ethan felt that he was too old for a Turkey headband. 
Not going to lie, a part of my soul died. 

Two days later, Ethan's cub scout troop participated in the Parade of Lights that was held in downtown Rapid City.  Eric built the entire float to resemble a Pinewood Derby Car and drove it through the parade route.  The kids had a blast painting it and making flags to hang from it. 
I love these fun moments that Ethan and Eric can share together. 

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Life In Between

It was a long 4 weeks waiting for our furniture, so I tried my hardest to keep the kids occupied. 
We lived at the bowling alley, worked on a huge puzzle and did arts and crafts! 

This was taken during our celebratory dinner that our furniture finally showed up! 
Strawberry Daiquiris for everyone! 

These Gizmo watches are my best friends.  
It helps me keep an eye on these crazy kids. 

He looks so tiny next to such a big playground. 

Eric had to go to San Antonio for a work trip and was able to meet up with family that we adore! 
Our godson, Gavin,  is growing into the sweetest little boy!  We miss them all so much! 

I never knew moving on base would be such a dream. 
After knowing me for about two months, my new neighbors invited me on a mini girls vacation. 
Talk about hitting the neighborhood jack pot. They have been so welcoming and sweet! 

So of course, I had to teach them how to play Mexican Train Dominoes. 
They are now hooked! 

We have a rock wall on base and it's a favorite among the kids!! 

Poor girl got strep. Yuck! 

He wants to walk so bad.  Fingers crossed it's soon. 

Gracie's girl scout troop built a float for Native American Day Parade! 

Fall brings baked goods! 

Cubscout Halloween Party! 
Eric's drawing skills, Gracie's old barbies and Ethan's nerf guns makes for one popular game! 

We treated Ethan and Gracie to a dinner for being such rockstars with the move, school and overall awesome behavior. They picked a Japanese Steak house and loved the fire show! 

Hunting season has officially started! 

This is what happens when a stubborn little boy boycotts naps.  
I found him crashed out in the corner.  

This propane fire pit was the best purchase ever! 
Starts fast and when we are done with it, we don't have to wait for it to cool down.  
Just flip the switch! 

Beauty near Hill City, SD 

If you want to know what Ethan does all weekend, this is pretty much it! 
Organizing it was a must! 

We hosted a Neighborhood Chili Happy Hour to celebrate the start of Fall! 

These two have the best time together! 

This kiddo was going nuts and cracking himself up,
 so I had to pull over and take a picture of all that happiness. 

Aren't these colorful pumpkins the cutest! 

Football season is upon us and the Cowboys are having a great season! 

Saturday morning cuddles between brothers are the best! 

Mentioned to a sweet friend that I wasn't feeling well. 
Within 5 minutes, these were waiting at my front door and made all the difference.  

You know how much fun I love decorating porches! 
Couldn't let Fall go by without one.  

Stumbled onto this sweet spot during a run. 
Ellsworth Air Force Base 

Drinks with the ladies! 

These two know how to make boots look cute!! 

He loves having a baby brother!  
After we had Lexie and were sure that she was our last,  
Ethan made it known that he was upset we never gave him brother.  
Needless to say he loves that we were wrong.