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Ashe Background

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

Pre-Thanksgving preparations

Gracie took a tumble at school so we had a temporary fracture. 
When I say temporary fracture, I mean one day.  
I pick my battles and that wasn't worth the fight. 

We were making our annual turkey headbands. 

Ethan was busy making our pumpkin cheese ball appetizer 

This was the first year when Ethan felt that he was too old for a Turkey headband. 
Not going to lie, a part of my soul died. 

Two days later, Ethan's cub scout troop participated in the Parade of Lights that was held in downtown Rapid City.  Eric built the entire float to resemble a Pinewood Derby Car and drove it through the parade route.  The kids had a blast painting it and making flags to hang from it. 
I love these fun moments that Ethan and Eric can share together. 

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