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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hoodwinked by the Blueberry Loaf!

Yesterday Gracie had a fabulous idea that she wanted to bake Ethan an afternoon treat! She has been helping me more in the kitchen lately, so her willingness to bake didn't surprise me. I had this recipe I had been wanting to try out and thankfully we had all of the ingredients on hand.  I do have to say, I really adore the fact that she was doing something sweet for her brother and talked about making sure we made it extra yummy for him.  Unfortunately, I was so busy cooking with her and keeping her from sticking her fingers in the batter, I didn't get a single picture. Oh well, we were having fun. I have to say I LOVE this loaf. It is delicious and so moist! I will be making this again because I know it will make a great gift with some plastic wrap and a pretty bow.

As soon as we picked Ethan up, the first thing out of Gracie's mouth is ,"Ethan, I have a sweet surprise for you".  Once we got home, they both were anxious to sit down and have a piece. However, Ethan and Gracie had opposite opinions about the lemon blueberry cake. The pictures are a little wonky because my settings kept changing but you can definitely tell what Gracie thinks of her masterpiece.

Showing off her beautiful creations.
Lemon Blueberry Loaf 

You can see the excitement on their faces.

Gracie takes a big bite...

...and this is the point where she realizes she is not a fan of tart desserts.

She got upset that it doesn't taste like what she thought it would taste like,
while Ethan totally takes it off her hands.

She leaves pretty angry, yet he continues to eat.

"I don't know what her problem is? It is really good!"

Lexie concurs!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rockin' 1st grade!

Monday was the first day of school for Ethan! He was so excited to be starting 1st grade at a new school which is great because I can always count on Ethan to have a great attitude about meeting new people and learning new things. He didn't even want me to walk him in. I promised him once I was assured he knew where he was going, we would do the drop off lane from then on. It still tugs at my heart when I see him walking away, putting all of his stuff in his little locker and sitting at his desk. He was thrilled that he was finally able to give his teacher her back to school gift. Of course, Gracie and I couldn't wait to hear all about his day, but just like a typical boy he spared the details and just said that it was a great day. Since that day he has come home talking about new friends and all the fun things they are doing.  I think/pray it is going to be a great year!

Our brand new 1st grader!

Gracie wanted a picture too! 

Ethan showing off his cheeser! 

I think my kiddos really love these pencils because they requested them again this year. 
I think it is going to be a great 1st day tradition! 

Here is Ethan's gift to his teacher. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Natural History Museum

Before all of our household goods were set to be delivered, we got to enjoy some time downtown. We went to the Natural History Museum and the kids were beyond thrilled with what they saw there.  
We can't wait to go to all of the museums!

I was sure that we had a picture with the kids in front of the monument but I can't find it.

This was taken while we were waiting for the metro to take us home.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leaf Drawing

The kids and I love the fact that we live in a really wooded area! Makes for some great leaf hunting!

Friday, August 10, 2012

D.C. Adventure

Sorry so long in between post writing, but we have been quite busy! We have officially moved from Texas to Maryland.  This move was probably the most stressful because it seemed like we kept running into a snag at every corner.  Plus finding out about our baby boy before our big move didn’t help make it a smooth transition either.  However we finally have a home, the kids are enrolled in school and we are impatiently waiting for our household goods to be delivered.  Now that we are getting settled we have resumed our typical routines.  Doctor appointments, therapy visits and last minute summer activities still are at the top of the list. The kids have adjusted really well, love our new house and have already made a list of things they want to see/do while we are stationed here.
They still bring up their friends in San Antonio, but understand that they will make new friends while being able to still stay in contact with their old friends.  I completely understand their longing to stay connected because we have, like all of the places we have been stationed, made friends who feel more like family. I will forever be grateful for all of their love, support, and wicked sense of humors.  I am positive many of the friendships will last my lifetime and I feel very blessed to have surrounded by such wonderful woman.