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Ashe Background

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bedtime Video

Good times before bedtime!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot Chocolate at the Park

Gracie with her whip cream mustache~!

Cody, Ethan and Finn

Lexie was in no mood for hot chocolate!

Ethan and Ellie drinking hot cocoa!

( if you notice closely...Ethan left his poor buddies and took his place next to Ellie ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Now that Lexie is getting better at sitting up she has joined her
big brother and big sister in the bath!

Let's hope she can withstand their craziness at bath time?!!


We have us a sitter!

Lexie has been doing so well sitting by herself. We are still working on her laying down the correct way instead of just throwing herself back but she's got the balance down pretty well!
(forgive the hair...its early in the morning)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing around

This is what Lexie was doing during her nap time. She wasn't sleeping but undressing herself.
She is constantly pulling herself up to look through the bars which makes her look like she is in baby jail.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yesterday was a HUGE day for Lexie. The difference between her brain in one years time is remarkable. Yesterday was also a HUGE day for Eric and I because we were once again reminded that if we continue to have Faith and give God some space he will continue to astound us! I am a control freak and this year has been really hard because I have no control over Lexie's health. I feel very helpless at times because I can't fix her and it makes it even harder when the fixers; the medical school trained doctors can't do it either. We had to leave it in Gods hands and it wasn't a matter of trust but just a matter of hope. We hoped and prayed that he was taking our pleas seriously, that he could feel our pain as her parents and use it to heal her. Obviously, he has given us such an amazing gift but we just needed patience and faith. Something I have to remind myself to remember everyday!

Now, Lexie still has a long road ahead of her and who knows if there will be anymore developments or even if that brain matter is in working condition. However, we will take what we can get!! It is a wonderful chapter in our lives and we are going to hold onto it and treasure it like it is the best present we have been given because we don't know what the next chapter holds for us.

Lexie's Neurologist, Dr. Faux, was extremely surprised and even said from day 1 he never expected this outcome. After the scan I was cuddling Lexie trying to keep her happy because she was quite upset with being put under. When Dr. Faux walked up he was holding both scans side by side. At first I thought he was showing me what her brain still looked like and what it should of looked like till I saw his ear grinning smile. That is when I basically yelled "No FREAKING Way!!!" Poor Lexie, I was her own mother and I even doubted the authenticity of the scans. It was a huge surprise to everyone and it caught us off guard. Dr. Faux replied with, "Well no wonder she is doing so good! Look at all that brain!" I just stood there for a few minutes in silence and shock analyzing the scans. Then I told him, "This is beyond what I expected and I think you are an amazing doctor but this is stem cell." He just laughed and did his whatever face but said, "Well whatever it is working." Damn right it is!

This picture is Lexie's brain at 1 day old.

This is what was taken yesterday. It is a huge difference from the one above it.
The brain doesn't typically stop developing till the age of 2 so we will have to wait and see what the next year brings us. Faith and patience and patience!
( That bump on the left side is her shunt)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Knight for a Day!

The 5th birthday is a huge one and we celebrated it the the best way we knew how. We threw a party!! Not just any party was a Knight and Dragon Party!!! Everyone received their hand delivered invitation in a actual scroll requesting their attendance at Sir Ethan's celebration to mark his 5th year! Actually, it was stuffed in a paper towel tube and wrapped in cardboard paper and mailed through the post office but you get my drift! When the knights and princesses arrived, a red carpet was waiting to bring them into the castle where the food and wine (juice punch) flowed freely. We dined on Dragon Meat (brisket) and actual dragons were slayed during the festivities (pinata and cake). The knights made swords and the princesses made crowns. Everyone was presented with a jeweled glass and either tattoos or wands as a way to remember our very special party. It was a fantastic party and we are so glad to have celebrated it with all of Ethan's friends. Ethan absolutely loved it and enjoyed every minute of it. At the end of the night Ethan came up to me and said "Thank you, I love you". It made up for all of the those late nights making decorations and waking up at 4 to start cooking. I am thrilled that my baby had a wonderful time and it was a very special day in my heart. I do have to say though that I loved planning this party. It was so much fun!

Ethan wearing his crown and he is drinking from a cup that I
made to go into the party favor bags.


I made that cake the day before and was quite pleased with how it turned out.

More of the decor- If you look closely, the shield in the middle is actually the ASHE crest

Here is our Castle Entrance! We wanted to hang it on the other side of the pillar but due to rain we didn't want to ruin it. I still think it looks great!

"Are they here yyyyyyet!!"

Now, there is a story regarding this little sweet little girl named Ellie. When I have more time I will get into it but let's just say that they both think the world of each other.

Ethan making his sword

Craft time!

Gabrielle (Lexie's God sister) and Gracie
in their crowns

Pinata Time

After the dragon was slayed Ethan chose to wear it as a hat!

Lexie and her buddy Natalie having their own chat session.
I am guessing "Why do they continue to put us in the contraptions???"

Ethan getting ready to blow his candles out.

Ethan loved all of his presents but I think his favorite has to be the Star Wars Wii game given to him by his buddy Finn. He is the boy in the striped shirt closest to Ethan.

I would love to show you a video of Ethan blowing out his candles but all it didn't come out. I got me lighting the candles and then everyone clapping at the end. Shucks!!! However, what I do got is really good. I got Miss Ellie personally reading her card to Ethan. It was very cute and I loved it! I always joke with her mother, who is a good friend of mine, that Ellie will be a fine addition to our family and she always says in one form or another, " Yeah right, he is your only son and you are crazy now so I know you will be a crazy mother-in-law!" I always reply with, " Once I get over the betrayal, I promise to be nice!!!" :P

Here is a video of Ethan playing his Star Wars game

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ethan hits the BIG 5!!!!!

Yesterday morning when I went to wake Ethan up to go to school, I almost didn't. I thought if he just stayed asleep he would stay 4 years old. I know, I know he isn't the boy version of sleeping beauty but it just feels like 5 years has come and gone so quick. However, I knew it didn't matter when he woke up, he is growing up and will continue to do so despite my best efforts. He was extremely excited about going to school and had his birthday treats ready to give out to all of his friends. Nothing was going to stop him...even an emotional mother!

I am sure every mother reminisces about the special day that their first born came into their lives and can even give a detailed description on the day's events. However, all of the days after just feel like a blur. There are those moments of remembering like their first smile, their first step and even their first word but sometimes Eric and I catch ourselves staring at Ethan in awe because he has turned into his own little person. He says some of the most interesting/wacky things and is starting to understand more and more about life. He is such a caring boy and it shows when an argument arises. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a excellent big brother and is always there for his sisters even when Gracie is pushing him to the limit. He loves school, soccer and has a huge sweet tooth! He loves to eat out at restaurants, especially for pizza but is a huge fan of my egg sandwiches. He loves to recycle and reuse any objects for his craft collection. His nickname is Tough and he plans on living with us forever. He is my baby and I am fighting with Father time to keep it that way!

Two tidbits from yesterday that I thought you would find quite funny.
1) Ethan had his 5 year well check up visit yesterday and he is growing perfectly fine. The doctor asked Ethan for his permission to look down his underwear to check his private area. Ethan told her it was okay but before she did it Ethan felt the need to inform her in his innocent voice, "You know I have 2 balls down there". The doctor who is a mother of 2 boys started laughing and then told him "That's good then, everything seems to be perfect!" Of course Eric and I had tears coming down our eyes and where just trying to keep it together. The doctor requested that Ethan do her rounds with her because he made her day better.
2) Yesterday evening the phone calls were flooding in with birthday wishes for Ethan and after a couple Ethan says, "Why do all of these people keep calling me?" I said "Remember, it is your birthday, they are calling to say Happy Birthday". He said," Oh, right...okay then".

5 years ago

I told Ethan to smile like a 5 year old!

When I was taking pictures of Ethan, Gracie asked if she could join in.
Ethan interrupts her and says," I want a picture with both of my sisters!"

At school

Ethan with his friends wearing his special birthday crown.

Ethan saw me typing this up and this is his version:
"That is Drew-he used to sit next to me but now I sit on the apple, you know I loves apples right and Isabella-she talks loud, Genesis-she always misses her mommy so she holds coco the monkey, Ava-she helps me cleanup sometimes and she is on my soccer team, and Carol-we play together everyday!!"

His birthday party is on Saturday and it is going to be a medieval good time!
Check back for pictures then!

Friday, January 07, 2011

What do you get when you give a 4yr old boy silly string?

A running screaming 2yr old who doesn't think it is funny or cute!

What is wrong with it?

Ugggh I think it is all gone! Where is Gracie's?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Different points of views!

Destiny: Did you remember to ask for the 18th off? Lexie has her MRI at 9:00.

Eric: I already asked my boss so we are good but I already know that Lexie has MY brain so even though she is missing a little bit, it just makes her perfectly normal compared to everyone else.

Destiny: (Rolling eyes) Yes dear, we all know how amazing you are!