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Ashe Background

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Knight for a Day!

The 5th birthday is a huge one and we celebrated it the the best way we knew how. We threw a party!! Not just any party was a Knight and Dragon Party!!! Everyone received their hand delivered invitation in a actual scroll requesting their attendance at Sir Ethan's celebration to mark his 5th year! Actually, it was stuffed in a paper towel tube and wrapped in cardboard paper and mailed through the post office but you get my drift! When the knights and princesses arrived, a red carpet was waiting to bring them into the castle where the food and wine (juice punch) flowed freely. We dined on Dragon Meat (brisket) and actual dragons were slayed during the festivities (pinata and cake). The knights made swords and the princesses made crowns. Everyone was presented with a jeweled glass and either tattoos or wands as a way to remember our very special party. It was a fantastic party and we are so glad to have celebrated it with all of Ethan's friends. Ethan absolutely loved it and enjoyed every minute of it. At the end of the night Ethan came up to me and said "Thank you, I love you". It made up for all of the those late nights making decorations and waking up at 4 to start cooking. I am thrilled that my baby had a wonderful time and it was a very special day in my heart. I do have to say though that I loved planning this party. It was so much fun!

Ethan wearing his crown and he is drinking from a cup that I
made to go into the party favor bags.


I made that cake the day before and was quite pleased with how it turned out.

More of the decor- If you look closely, the shield in the middle is actually the ASHE crest

Here is our Castle Entrance! We wanted to hang it on the other side of the pillar but due to rain we didn't want to ruin it. I still think it looks great!

"Are they here yyyyyyet!!"

Now, there is a story regarding this little sweet little girl named Ellie. When I have more time I will get into it but let's just say that they both think the world of each other.

Ethan making his sword

Craft time!

Gabrielle (Lexie's God sister) and Gracie
in their crowns

Pinata Time

After the dragon was slayed Ethan chose to wear it as a hat!

Lexie and her buddy Natalie having their own chat session.
I am guessing "Why do they continue to put us in the contraptions???"

Ethan getting ready to blow his candles out.

Ethan loved all of his presents but I think his favorite has to be the Star Wars Wii game given to him by his buddy Finn. He is the boy in the striped shirt closest to Ethan.

I would love to show you a video of Ethan blowing out his candles but all it didn't come out. I got me lighting the candles and then everyone clapping at the end. Shucks!!! However, what I do got is really good. I got Miss Ellie personally reading her card to Ethan. It was very cute and I loved it! I always joke with her mother, who is a good friend of mine, that Ellie will be a fine addition to our family and she always says in one form or another, " Yeah right, he is your only son and you are crazy now so I know you will be a crazy mother-in-law!" I always reply with, " Once I get over the betrayal, I promise to be nice!!!" :P

Here is a video of Ethan playing his Star Wars game

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