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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ethan hits the BIG 5!!!!!

Yesterday morning when I went to wake Ethan up to go to school, I almost didn't. I thought if he just stayed asleep he would stay 4 years old. I know, I know he isn't the boy version of sleeping beauty but it just feels like 5 years has come and gone so quick. However, I knew it didn't matter when he woke up, he is growing up and will continue to do so despite my best efforts. He was extremely excited about going to school and had his birthday treats ready to give out to all of his friends. Nothing was going to stop him...even an emotional mother!

I am sure every mother reminisces about the special day that their first born came into their lives and can even give a detailed description on the day's events. However, all of the days after just feel like a blur. There are those moments of remembering like their first smile, their first step and even their first word but sometimes Eric and I catch ourselves staring at Ethan in awe because he has turned into his own little person. He says some of the most interesting/wacky things and is starting to understand more and more about life. He is such a caring boy and it shows when an argument arises. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a excellent big brother and is always there for his sisters even when Gracie is pushing him to the limit. He loves school, soccer and has a huge sweet tooth! He loves to eat out at restaurants, especially for pizza but is a huge fan of my egg sandwiches. He loves to recycle and reuse any objects for his craft collection. His nickname is Tough and he plans on living with us forever. He is my baby and I am fighting with Father time to keep it that way!

Two tidbits from yesterday that I thought you would find quite funny.
1) Ethan had his 5 year well check up visit yesterday and he is growing perfectly fine. The doctor asked Ethan for his permission to look down his underwear to check his private area. Ethan told her it was okay but before she did it Ethan felt the need to inform her in his innocent voice, "You know I have 2 balls down there". The doctor who is a mother of 2 boys started laughing and then told him "That's good then, everything seems to be perfect!" Of course Eric and I had tears coming down our eyes and where just trying to keep it together. The doctor requested that Ethan do her rounds with her because he made her day better.
2) Yesterday evening the phone calls were flooding in with birthday wishes for Ethan and after a couple Ethan says, "Why do all of these people keep calling me?" I said "Remember, it is your birthday, they are calling to say Happy Birthday". He said," Oh, right...okay then".

5 years ago

I told Ethan to smile like a 5 year old!

When I was taking pictures of Ethan, Gracie asked if she could join in.
Ethan interrupts her and says," I want a picture with both of my sisters!"

At school

Ethan with his friends wearing his special birthday crown.

Ethan saw me typing this up and this is his version:
"That is Drew-he used to sit next to me but now I sit on the apple, you know I loves apples right and Isabella-she talks loud, Genesis-she always misses her mommy so she holds coco the monkey, Ava-she helps me cleanup sometimes and she is on my soccer team, and Carol-we play together everyday!!"

His birthday party is on Saturday and it is going to be a medieval good time!
Check back for pictures then!

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