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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yesterday was a HUGE day for Lexie. The difference between her brain in one years time is remarkable. Yesterday was also a HUGE day for Eric and I because we were once again reminded that if we continue to have Faith and give God some space he will continue to astound us! I am a control freak and this year has been really hard because I have no control over Lexie's health. I feel very helpless at times because I can't fix her and it makes it even harder when the fixers; the medical school trained doctors can't do it either. We had to leave it in Gods hands and it wasn't a matter of trust but just a matter of hope. We hoped and prayed that he was taking our pleas seriously, that he could feel our pain as her parents and use it to heal her. Obviously, he has given us such an amazing gift but we just needed patience and faith. Something I have to remind myself to remember everyday!

Now, Lexie still has a long road ahead of her and who knows if there will be anymore developments or even if that brain matter is in working condition. However, we will take what we can get!! It is a wonderful chapter in our lives and we are going to hold onto it and treasure it like it is the best present we have been given because we don't know what the next chapter holds for us.

Lexie's Neurologist, Dr. Faux, was extremely surprised and even said from day 1 he never expected this outcome. After the scan I was cuddling Lexie trying to keep her happy because she was quite upset with being put under. When Dr. Faux walked up he was holding both scans side by side. At first I thought he was showing me what her brain still looked like and what it should of looked like till I saw his ear grinning smile. That is when I basically yelled "No FREAKING Way!!!" Poor Lexie, I was her own mother and I even doubted the authenticity of the scans. It was a huge surprise to everyone and it caught us off guard. Dr. Faux replied with, "Well no wonder she is doing so good! Look at all that brain!" I just stood there for a few minutes in silence and shock analyzing the scans. Then I told him, "This is beyond what I expected and I think you are an amazing doctor but this is stem cell." He just laughed and did his whatever face but said, "Well whatever it is working." Damn right it is!

This picture is Lexie's brain at 1 day old.

This is what was taken yesterday. It is a huge difference from the one above it.
The brain doesn't typically stop developing till the age of 2 so we will have to wait and see what the next year brings us. Faith and patience and patience!
( That bump on the left side is her shunt)


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Brad Gibbs said...

Obviously, I love seeing results like this because it gives me hope for Claire's future, but I also love seeing it because I'm excited for y'all! It must feel great!

Anonymous said...

We are not at all surprised! Lexie is amazing and so is her Momma!!!
Love, Parker and Amy