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Ashe Background

Friday, September 27, 2013

Life in Between

A couple weeks ago a radio station was asking callers to call in and give their two cents regarding a topic.
They were giving away a gift card to the famous Georgetown Cupcake.
The topic was mommy guilt
You can say I rocked it!

Gracie has resumed her drums lessons now that school has started. 
Unfortunately, that means the other kiddos and I have to wait for her while she is playing. 
The waiting area is full of really expensive musical instrument. 
 Ugh, Lexie and expensive equipment just don't mix. 
I think the shop owners and my mental state of mind agreed that my car would be the best place for us to wait. However, I needed an extra set of eyes to keep an eye on Gracie. 
Video monitor to the rescue!

That is a drape on the floor and the drapery rod leaning against the door. 
Now do you understand why keeping expensive musical instruments away from her is a good idea.
 This was taken at 7 in the morning. 
Gracie and Ethan usually like to sit next to each other. 
This morning they both woke up grumps and without any instruction from me
choose to sit the farthest away from each other as they could get. 

 Parallel parking can be so daunting, but if you drive anywhere in D.C., you got to get used to it.
I took this picture because I was so proud that I was able to get my car in that small space. 
I promised my kids a trip to the museum and they are going to get a trip to the stinkin' museum!
And they say woman can't drive.

It's that time of year! 
Lexie was cool with the wig for about two seconds

Can you tell what book we were reading at bed time the night before?
Maybe we should hold off on reading Goldilicious until I can hide my jewelry.

 Oh the joys of Cub Scouts.  

Eli's first birthday is coming up. 
Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?!

We had a visit from Flat Stanley recently. 
He followed us around D.C. and I think his favorite spot was
 the Korean restaurant where we had lunch.

Eric and I were able to visit the Holocaust Museum sans kids. 
It was heartbreaking and horrific.
One day I will take the kids there, but not any time soon.

Just a dad hanging out with his kids in the front yard.
Love him.

Want to come on vacation with us?? 
Yeah, I figured you would say no. It's fine...we have no room for you anyway. 

This is the one thing that I wish we didn't have room for.
Dirty laundry follows us wherever we go. 
No wonder the kids think the laundry is my favorite hobby. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

County Fair 2013

It's county fair time!  I think my kiddos wait all year for this because as soon as they saw the flyers, their constant asking to go just doesn't end. Why do we teach them to read?!  Plus it doesn't help that the school gives them a whole day off to spend at the fair.  Ethan and Gracie did get a kick out of the fact that this was Eli's first fair.  I would catch Gracie trying to explain the fair to Eli because she was sure he was listening by the enthusiastic way he was kicking his feet and smiling at her.  Needless to say everyone had a great time!

I can't even look at this picture without smiling. 
Watching Eric with kids has to be my most favorite thing to do.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

Yesterday was a big and exciting day for Lexie, yet I wasn't nearly as excited.  Lexie has been to school before, but this was Lexie's first day at a regular elementary school where she would be in a classroom with regular children.  She is enrolled in a inclusion program where she sits in the same classroom and participates in age appropriate activities, but once they move along to more educational topics that are too advanced for Lexie, is when Lexie is taken aside and receives her occupational, speech and physical therapies. Plus, unlike her last school, she goes every day for half a day. So far she appears to be loving it and her teachers have not told me otherwise.  I can't fully convey how excited she gets when I pull her backpack out of the hall closet or how she practically runs to get into the car.  She loves to give her teacher a hug and a kiss every morning and I simply love how accepting her teacher is of this morning ritual.  It makes me smile when I see how much her teacher tries to include Lexie and help her communicate with the other kiddos. (I think High Fives have to be the best and most used hand gestures out there) Her teacher is very patient with Lexie despite her constant need for movement. I have always relied on Ethan and Gracie to tell me how their school day went and if they were having any problems.  However, I don't get that luxury with Lexie. It's very hard to send your child who can't communicate her needs and wants to a strange place with strange people and just pray that she is being well cared for.  Thankfully, Lexie thrives on routine so I know regardless of any rough patches we may encounter, as long we stay the course and keep doing the same thing,  hopefully everything will turn out beautifully. *fingers crossed*