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Ashe Background

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

List of Unfortunate Events

- Planned to have Eli on Tuesday the 2nd but was delayed a week due to the Neurosurgeon having a family emergency. My doctor made it sound like he was dealing with a medical emergency concerning one of his own children. Tried to request another Neurosurgeon but was quickly denied due to the fact he was familiar with our case and since I was only 32 weeks and not past my own personal deadline of 34 weeks, she felt there was no need.  I was heartbroken since my mother had flown in just to help us, but she thankfully understood our position and was kind enough to extend her time which relieved so much stress and anxiety.  We actually had a great time touring Maryland together.

-One week later today, I called my doctor to confirm tomorrow's schedule. I had to leave a message with the front desk and was told she would call me back. I did get a phone call back, but it was from her personal nurse and this is how it went...

Nurse- "Hi Mrs. Ashe, Dr. H is out of town right now, but she has relayed all of the info to me."

Me- "Oh...okay."   Heart sinks to my stomach because that is not how I wanted the conversation to start.  I knew it would be either her or her partner delivering me, but her absence makes the uncertainty rise.

Nurse- "We have still not heard from the Neurosurgeon so tomorrow is not looking too good, but we will let you know when we do! Dr. spoke with him on Friday and he knows we are waiting for his phone call so when we hear from him we will let you know."

Me- "Is there any way I can talk to him so I can get a better date from him"

Nurse- "I doubt he wants to talk to anyone right now. That is all I can tell you about his situation."

Me- "It sounds like this poor man seems to be going through hell right now and yet we are waiting for him? Why on earth hasn't any of his colleagues offered to jump in and take his cases from him?"

Nurse- "His colleagues will not do a surgery that they find to be controversial!"

Me- " Controversial??? This is for a shunt. It is the most basic from of brain surgery there is? I am confused...this is the first time I am finding out about this! What do they see as controversial?

Nurse-" Let's just wait for his call."

The call ended, but I was left with more questions than answers. 1) What did the other Neurosurgeons find so controversial and 2) This poor doctor seems to be going through HELL with his own child which I am not trying to assume the worst, but then they are expecting him to come in within the next couple of days and perform BRAIN SURGERY ON MY CHILD while under that said stress. Ughh I don't think so!

-After that phone call, I became so desperate that I made a call to my old doctor, Dr. Faucett in San Antonio. He said he was going to make some calls and see what he could do from there. His words.."This is time sensitive, you need to deliver soon!" He even mentioned that if need be he would fly me back to San Antonio, induce me and have Lexie's neurosurgeon do the shunt. I seriously love that man! He was at a medical convention in Las Vegas and literally left the meeting to take my call. Seriously...he is the best and I HATE that he is not stationed up here.

- Around three in the afternoon, I decided to do some digging by calling the actual Neurosurgery clinic and see what I could find out. I knew they were not going to tell me any personal info regarding him, but I was desperate.  I was able to get through to the clinic manager which also happened to be a doctor.
Me- "Hi, I was wondering when Dr. D was going to be back in?
Doctor- "Umm..let me check...I know it wasn't that long of a leave so I assume any day moment, let me check.
Me "Oh, thank you"
Doctor- " I checked and it looks like his leave ends today so he will be in tomorrow!"
Me- "Thank you so much!"

Two things...(1 The way she spoke was as if he was just gone on any ole' normal leave, not trying to survive a horrible week witnessing something God awful. She is a colleague of his, yet answered my question with ease and no trepidation. (2 According to her he comes back tomorrow, so I can assume it is any day now...right?! However, something is just not sitting right. Did my doctor make the Neurosurgeons situation sound much worse so that I wouldn't question their motives? Something seems off and it is driving me crazy!!

-That is basically where we are right now. Simply wonderful news! All I know is when I see Dr. D I will apologize to him for surviving what must of been a God awful week and that we are hoping that he and is family can overcome the pain that him and his family has had to endure.  His answer will either have me counting my blessings or going straight to patient advocacy to place a report against my doctor.

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Stacy said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now, having discovered it in one of my searches for information about hydrocephalus. My 2 year old grandson has hydrocephalus and lives in San Antonio.

I'm keeping you all in my thoughts this week. Your situation sounds quite stressful!