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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Elmer the Elf is back!!

This is the third year that Elmer has graced us with his presence.
 Being how he just got back from the North Pole,
 he had to start off the Christmas season with his North Pole breakfast. 
The kids love seeing him every day and I have to admit he is pretty fun to have around.
Only when he's not making any messes, that is! ;)

Snowman Pancakes with Grinch Santas

She leaned right over to kiss him which made me so happy that I had the camera out!
She loves her little brother and by his expression he loves her too! 

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees


Melissa Morales said...

Dest you are an inspiration!! You are seriously such a good mom. I hope that when I'm a mother, I can be as amazing as you!

Ashe's said...

Awe...thanks!! I try just like everyone else. I'm certain you will have your kiddos laughing on the floor because you're hilarious! Sense of humor is vital!