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Ashe Background

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Veteran's Point Trail, SD

When the kids have a free day from school and it's warm out, it only makes sense to head outside.  It's tough finding South Dakota trails that Lexie and Eli can go on, but I read about this gorgeous short trail that was handicap accessible, had a beautiful view of Pactola Lake and there was a picnic area where we could enjoy our lunch.  Talk about hitting the jack pot!  Everything that works for our family and more!  I was excited to try it out and mentioned the idea to our friends to see if they wanted to tag along.  They did and between 4 adults, we had 14 kids to keep an eye on.  Thankfully it wasn't a strenuous or long hike, because our kiddos kept it interesting enough.  (phone pics, camera card was full)

The boys were too interested in exploring and throwing rocks in the lake while the girls listened to their stomachs and ate lunch! 

Sarah, Allison, Me and Darci

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