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Ashe Background

Sunday, April 02, 2017

South Dakota Sleigh Ride

Before Christmas the older two kiddos and I joined our neighbors on a neighborhood sleigh ride.
I forgot about these pictures until I remembered that a friend, Allison, brought her camera.  I stupidly forgot mine.  Ooops!  Thankfully I got them from her yesterday and thought I would share our fun, yet bone chilling cold day.  Seriously, it was 7 degrees.  Just thinking about it is making me shiver.  Gracie told me at the end of the ride through tears that she will not be going again in the future.  

Allison is my workout buddy and a sweet friend!  She's moving this summer, so I'm super bummed, but I'm lucky that I got to know her and her family.  She's a sweetheart and fingers crossed our paths meet up again!   

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