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Ashe Background

Friday, March 03, 2017

Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light is a ceremony that commemorates a Cub Scout obtaining the highest Cub Scout rank and crossing over to Boy Scouts.   Ethan and his fellow Webelos had a small ceremony at the Air and Space Museum to celebrate this milestone.  We are very proud of Ethan and his dedication over the last 5 years!  We loved watching him move through the ranks and learn so much about what it means to be a loyal and honest scout!  Hopefully he continues on this path and work hard at being the best boy scout that he can be! 

Here is a link to a slide show video that was put together by a parent volunteer. 
I'm not going to lie that I teared up a little bit.
I'm a mom so it's allowed!   

His buddy Ali and him are super close. 
Besides being scouts, they also are in the same class and sit right next to each other.   

Ethan's Den Leader, Butch Hatch, took the time out of his busy schedule (Colonel in the Air Force) to personally create and build a shadow box for each of the 5 boys!  
Talk about a thoughtful gift and such a great mentor for our boys! 

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