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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter at Custer

Custer National Park really amazed me this past weekend!  I will admit that I was having a hard time seeing the appeal of South Dakota, but Custer was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time exploring it.  We spent our Easter weekend with some friends who have become like family, so it turned out to be a great holiday!  There were 6 adults and 11 children so we had our hands full, but we kept them busy so much during the day that by the time their heads hit the pillow, they were out!  

Eric and I get nervous when it comes to scheduling things with other families, because we just have to do things a little differently to accomadate Lexie and Eli.  There is no "winging it" on our trips, so I have to make up a schedule that works for them.  Once they lose their patience, they take no prisoners.  A perfectly nice day can crash and burn like no other.  Our friends were super accommodating and accepting of my neurotic scheduling.  I kept repeating that they could ditch us at any moment, we would completely understand, but they stuck by us until the end.  They could've been fibbing, but they reassured me that I made it easy on them seeing how I did all the planning.   As Lexie and Eli are getting older and learning more life skills, we're noticing that we can venture out and do stuff without worrying about nap times or whether I will have a time to puree' food before hitting up a restaurant.  

It's getting a little easier and for that we're grateful.  

Wildlife Loop 


I took this picture because we overtook the entire seating area in this restaurant.  Crazy!


Treats from the Easter Bunny were waiting for us at home! 

iPhone pics  

Easter gifts from the grandparents are always fun! 

I found this cute scavenger idea on Pinterest! 
The kids had a great time finding the items on the list and enjoyed their treats afterwards. 

I had already taken the kids back to the car when Eric snapped this beautiful picture of Sylvan Lake 

Moms like Wildlife Loop too! 

Mexican Train Dominoes are a must when you are around friends!  

We got brave and planned an Easter Brunch at a very packed Lodge. 
It went beautifully!  Whew. 

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