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Ashe Background

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Growing up

This has been and continues to be a long running conversation in our house. It is between Ethan and I and about him wanting to live with me FOREVER!! This conversation took place while we were driving on base and within seeing distance of all the planes.

Ethan: OH MAN!!! Look at those jets!! When I grow up, I am going to fly the black one. I only like the black one. Look Mom!!!

Mommy: Yes Ethan, I see them but you know my rule about flying jets.

Ethan: but I want to fly jets AND live with you forever.

Mommy: Yes, but flying jets makes Mommy really nervous so if you want to live with me forever you need to be an accountant.

Ethan: I don't want to be an accountant (he has no idea what an accountant is), but I want to live with you forever.

Gracie : I live with you forever Mommy??????

Mommy: Uggh Gracie...I love you but on your 18th birthday Mommy will have the boxes ready for you.

Gracie: Boxes for my birthday!!! YEAH!!!!

Ethan: Well...I really like the black jet and I want to be a Jet fighter!!

Gracie: I want to be a jet fighter too!!!

Ethan: NO GRACIE!!! Only boys can fly jets, not girls!!

Mommy: Uggh buddy, girls and boys both can fly jets. She can do it too.

Ethan: Fine, but I get the black one and she can have a purple one.

Now I am just joking with Ethan and would support him no matter what he choose to do in life but the thought of my baby flying is a scary one. It is more for my entertainment to hear that he wants to live with me forever especially because I know he will slowly change his mind as he gets older. However on Gracie's 18th birthday there will really be boxes there! Me and my darling angel are like fire and ice.

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Erica said...

This is way too funny! Gracie & the boxes!! I get it :-)