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Ashe Background

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This Sunday we took the kids bowling and were actually surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Ethan had a really great time and would of been fine if we played it all day. He ended up beating me and even if he played without the help of the bumpers he still would of humiliated his poor mother even more. Needless to say, it has been quite a long time since I have been bowling. The last time was in Ohio at our friend KC's birthday party and I am pretty sure Ethan was one and half. Gracie enjoyed throwing the ball down and regardless if she struck any pins or not, she granted herself a congratulatory dance every time. It was hilarious watching her try to hold her own ball and using all of her strength to send it rolling on down the lane. Because if you know Gracie, she does not need any help! Of course, halfway through the game her appetite kicks in and demands a snack. I am sure people must think we don't feed her because everywhere we go within 10 minutes she begs for a snack. She has even sat an entire play date at the kitchen table stuffing her face. However, once she had her snack she was back in the game. All the while Ethan enjoyed rolling for her. We are definitely going back again, especially since I seriously need to work on my bowling skills.

I crack up every time I see this picture.
Ethan stood like that every time watching the ball.

Gracie rolling her ball down


Way to go!!
(He even has the arm swing to the back)

Daddy making Lexie laugh

Ethan rocking it.

Gracie running back to watch her victory

This is how she started her dance.

As I was taking this picture Ethan asked me
"Mom, can we keep these shoes...I really like them"

Lexie- "What is with these people and that freakin' camera!"

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Brenda said...

Destiny you look great!! Lexie is so cute. We were just talking about that party to our neighbors here. It was so fun. We miss you all!!