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Friday, August 13, 2010

Are we being punk'd?

This past week I was really busy preparing for Lexie's surgery. On Monday she had another CT scan and then on Tuesday, Eric and I both donated blood in case she may have needed it for surgery. Well, yesterday (4 days prior to surgery) we got a call from the doctor and she says that the latest Ct scan shows that all of her plates except for one are open and will not be needing the surgery. The one that looks to be closed was not going to dealt with at this surgery anyways. It is the plate around her forehead and that was going to be the surgery at around the age of 1. Of course, I was thankful that she was not going to have to go through such a grueling surgery and some what surprised at how they were all closed on the last CT and now all open. I was also glad for the surgery team that they caught this because if Lexie had to go through this surgery to find out that it was unnecessary, they would've had one pissed momma on their hands!!!

So it all worked out for the better but I still had questions. Being, how come her head circumference is really low on the charts and why are the plates overriding each other. She said that even though she is 7 months, her brain is not. It is still trying to catch up and fill in all the areas of the brain. There needs to be more brain present in order for the skull to grow. So time is basically our friend now and we just need to wait for her brain to catch up in order for her head to catch up to the ideal size for her age. We know from previous CT scans that her brain is filling in/decompressing really well.

I personally think she is doing remarkably well and we all have come a long way from the beginning. We just need more time to get where we are going. I am overjoyed at where we are but just giving her time to grow seems to be all that is needed. When we first heard the horrible news about Lexie's condition I remember praying that God would just give me a quick glance into our lives, so that I could see how it would all turn out. Of course, I never got that glance but when I think about it now it would've of really saved me so much worry and stress. I had prepared myself for the worst possible outcomes. I am thankful everyday at how well Lexie is doing. I know that it could always be worse than what it is and that alone makes me realize that she is doing amazing given her disability. I don't expect you to fully understand what I mean because you may just see what she is lacking but I see what she isn't lacking. She is reaching her milestones for her corrected age and that alone makes my heart want to burst. I will have to post a video of her talking to me and rolling over but right now I just need to decompress from this weeks events and spend the day with my babies.


Maggie said...

So thankful she doesn't need surgery! It was so fun to have the kiddos here on Tuesday. Norah ADORED Lexie (she kept laying down next to her and saying "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi baby!" So cute. And Lexie would not stay on her back for a second! She would immediately flip over on her belly. So fun to see her growing :)

Jen said...

I'm so happy to hear that Lexie doesn't need surgery. She looks great, and yeah for meeting milestones.