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Ashe Background

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Half full

Last night I attended my first book club. I made my artichoke spinach dip, I have read the book and was ready to discuss it and couldn’t wait to have a glass of wine. Needless, to say I was excited especially because of the day I had with the kids and finally a chance to enjoy some no- kid time since Eric has been back. You know a night where I remember my name is Destiny, not Ohh MOM! I was psyched!!. Well about an hour after I get there, I receive two phone calls. One from sister and one from a neighbor who I talk to all the time, so I just ignore both of those and decided I was going to call them later. Well than about fifteen minutes later I get another call from my neighbor and this time I decided to answer it. The voice on the other line is Eric, he is telling me he is using our neighbor’s phone, has been locked out of our house with the kids and that I need to come home to let him in. Mind you it is an hour and half past bed time so I know Gracie is probably going crazy and it has started to sprinkle! I explain, to Eric that he needs to walk over to our neighbors house and ask them for our extra key. He says that he doesn’t think they have one and says “who gives their neighbors extra keys”. We hang up and I decide it is just not the night for a book club. I hop in the car and start to drive to home. Eric calls me as I am driving and promptly tells me not to worry or come home; lo and behold the neighbor had a key. I explain that I am already half way there so don’t worry about it, while secretly thinking of the half full glass of wine that was left behind. At the end of the night, Eric says he is sorry that he didn’t think to ask the neighbors, I say I am sorry because it was a good night that had to abruptly end. As a Mom you always want to feel needed, and you often reassure yourself that if it wasn’t for you to find lost shoes/blankets, wipe away tears, or even know how to ward off an upcoming temper tantrum the house would literally fall apart. It is a sense of accomplishment when you know you are needed that much, it means you must be really good at your job. However, last night was not a night that I felt accomplished!

By looking at what Gracie was put to bed wearing, Eric had a pretty rough night himself. The top is Ethan's old spider man pajamas and her bottoms are not pajamas they actually go with a top that is hanging in her closet.

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