Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, May 31, 2009

San Antonio Missions

Today we went to a minor league baseball game with a few of our friends. It was really nice because our seats were in the shade and the kids lasted till the 5th inning. I thought with all of them, they were only going to last till the 2nd inning so it was actually nice to see half of the game. Afterward, we went to the play area which was huge and had about 5 different blow up jumpers, slides and obstacle courses plus a playground. The kids had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with their buddies. I have no idea who won but to be honest I could really care less, it was an enjoyable afternoon with great company!

Watching some baseball

Gracie and Daddy

Eric acting crazy

Griffin, Amelia and Ethan

More silliness

Walking to the play area

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Angel said...

I love that picture of Ethan peeking through the opening. You could frame that one!