Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 days of spoiled children

The first week of June Eric's Grandparents came for a visit and actually did really well keeping up with our crazy kids. Ethan and Gracie just adore Germ and Lapiz and were really sad when it was time for them to go. I don't know if it is because they hate to see them leave or realize that they aren't there to spoil them rotten. During the time that they were here we were able to visit the other Missions here is San Antonio. There are a total of 5 including the Alamo. It was my first time visiting the other 4 missions and it was really fun learning about life in the 1700's. We also visited the popular riverwalk and the land out in Bandera. While they were here they got to see how Gracie can really torment her older brother. Everyone back home thinks our little girl is pure angel so I am sure Germ and Lapiz will clue them in. One time Germ scolded Gracie for something so Gracie turned around pointed her finger straight at her and scolded her right back with babble. It was funny because she is just so young to have such of an attitude. We all had a laugh when Ethan laid out his blanket on the coffee table all pretty and within two seconds Gracie grabs the blanket and bolts in the opposite direction. She looks behind to make sure he is running after her to get it back. You should see her little legs go. Germ nicknamed her the "instigator". Plus, the mean looks she can give you are just unbelievable. I already know her and I are going to hit some major rough patches on the way to adulthood. It is her way or no way. I will often joke with her when she is having her "moments" that I feel sorry for her future husband and we are already saving for her tuition at military school! She loves the word 'NO!!' and uses it all the time. Ethan is the only one to get any affection out of her, she will protest you if you even dare ask for a kiss. Her older brother just adores her and lets her get away with more than he would let anyone else. They do have fun playing together and see eye to eye most of the time, that is until Gracie has a drama moment and the whole world has to come to a screeching halt. Ethan will often agree that she is just too funny.

Ethan feel asleep on Lapiz lap so Gracie was there to bug him.

Gracie getting a sink bath from Germ

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander!

Playing Sleepover

Germ and Ethan at one Mission

Ethan has no idea what he is doing, Eric placed him like this

Not everyone is a history buff....

Us at another mission

So pretty

Amazing detail for back in the day

Germ, Lapiz, Gracie and Ethan.


Gracie Smiling

Ethan and Lapiz at the reservoir.
Out at the land

"I wonder if she notices I am holding the stick she has told me to put down"

Every time Grandparents visit, Cheetos are handed out!

Germ, Lapiz and Ethan at the riverwalk

Me, Ethan and Lapiz at the riverwalk

Normally, I catch Eric taking pics of my lower half so I am surprised this made it in.

Gracie trying to ride the bike

Playing outside with Chalk

Ohh the love!!!

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