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Ashe Background

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gabby Gracie

Gracie has been saying words left and right. She is really smart and picks up on more than we think. Here is her list:

Door - Dora. She say it anytime she sees Dora who she absolutely loves!
Ink--Drink, especially if it is my cup
ET- Ethan
Ank you--Thank You
poop poo-- you guessed it. She will tell us when she needs a diaper change.
Ohh Baby--that is what she calls her baby....and will continue to smell it.
Cookie--she thinks that is what Wheat Thins are called.
Weee- What she calls a swing.
Shoeeees-- She has a certain pair that she will only wear. If I want her to wear another set, I will hide those first because she goes ballistic if she notices that I am not putting on her favorite shoes. Barely 16 months and already a shoe fanatic. She will often try to put them on herself, too cute.

Hi, Bye, Yager, Mommy, Daddy and NO are a given.

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